Oct 31, 2005

Angels on Earth

I have been blessed with great family and friends - and they have really been there for me through the past couple of weeks. I sell on ebay and the women I have met are the kindest and sweetest! You know who you are! These women take time out of their day to email me, support me and make me feel so special! Even people I have never met before have sent me the loveliest emails - Marie thanks again for sharing your testimony with me. Ann, a fellow seller has organized "The Twelve Elves of Christmas" A group of ten sellers including myself are hosting auctions with 100% of the proceeds going to the Salvation Army. That makes me feel great, thanks so much for including me! Kudos to you! Mary, thanks for your emails and my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours at this time. Sherrie, thanks to you as well - especially for the candle lit in honour of Vic - how thoughtful of you! Jenn - you are the sweetest thing that ever walked on this earth - enjoy the newly wedded bliss - you are so deserved. Shabby Jenn - thanks for always taking the time to help me along with Photoshop questions, etc. You are a doll too! Patty, Stacy....thanks my dears for always staying in touch - no matter what. :) Oh gosh, and my best friends in the whole wide world - Janet, Kath, Heather and Kare. I spill my guts out on the table to them and they always patiently and kindly put me back to together. I love these girls more than words can say. O.K. I know I am forgetting someone at this moment but it's Halloween night and the kiddies are anxious. Just wanted to say a heart-felt thank-you to all my girls!

Oct 28, 2005

"Everyone Says I Love You"

I am one of those people who isn't afraid to say "I love you". It's people who CAN'T say it that make me nervous! Why do we take it so seriously....we feel it - we know it...but yet we don't SAY it enough. Life is too short not to! You don't have to get all serious about it - say it with a smile, say it with a laugh - just SAY it! Tell your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your best friend, your grandparents - your kids! Don't assume someone knows it. Make their day by telling them so!

Oct 27, 2005

I Wasn't Kidding...

Marge, what would I do without you?

Oct 26, 2005

So I'm thinking about this blogging thing and wonder why some people blog - and others wouldn't dream of it. For me, it's a creative thing - and it gives my husband a break from my rambling while he's trying to sleep. I love visiting other people's blogs - it's like having a little visit anytime you want. Never mind that I'm sitting there in my pj's and Marge Simpson slippers - no one need know that. (although I'm sure you have the lovely vision now) Communication is a wonderful outlet for me right now.

Oct 25, 2005

Even through loss great things can happen.

This is a picture of my sister Melody and her husband Grant (my 'lil ElleBelle on the far left) on her baptism day. She and Grant joined our church this past September and we couldn't be more thrilled. Our church has been a life saver for us and we feel like we have found a true 'home' there. The members of our church have been wonderful during this past year and their prayers are much appreciated. The picture belows shows my proud Mom and Dad. Even through the darkness we can find glimpses of light. Mel and I have joined the Worship Comittee at Church and have also started a bible study with Mom and Grant. I know Victor is watching above and is very proud of us.

"Thawing Out"

I feel I am just beginning to "thaw out" after losing my brother unexpectedly one year ago. Life has certainly changed for me over the past year...I see things more clearly now - I am less interested in the material things - the superficial, and have a new found respect for my relationship with God and my family. You never know where life will take you from one day to the next. Having strong faith is a must, having a loving family and close friends is something you must cherish and work at everyday. I never take a moment for granted with my loved ones. Even in my darkest days I thank the Lord for my blessings. My trust is forever in His hands.