Oct 31, 2005

Angels on Earth

I have been blessed with great family and friends - and they have really been there for me through the past couple of weeks. I sell on ebay and the women I have met are the kindest and sweetest! You know who you are! These women take time out of their day to email me, support me and make me feel so special! Even people I have never met before have sent me the loveliest emails - Marie thanks again for sharing your testimony with me. Ann, a fellow seller has organized "The Twelve Elves of Christmas" A group of ten sellers including myself are hosting auctions with 100% of the proceeds going to the Salvation Army. That makes me feel great, thanks so much for including me! Kudos to you! Mary, thanks for your emails and my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours at this time. Sherrie, thanks to you as well - especially for the candle lit in honour of Vic - how thoughtful of you! Jenn - you are the sweetest thing that ever walked on this earth - enjoy the newly wedded bliss - you are so deserved. Shabby Jenn - thanks for always taking the time to help me along with Photoshop questions, etc. You are a doll too! Patty, Stacy....thanks my dears for always staying in touch - no matter what. :) Oh gosh, and my best friends in the whole wide world - Janet, Kath, Heather and Kare. I spill my guts out on the table to them and they always patiently and kindly put me back to together. I love these girls more than words can say. O.K. I know I am forgetting someone at this moment but it's Halloween night and the kiddies are anxious. Just wanted to say a heart-felt thank-you to all my girls!


jubilantjenn said...

Joy...I think its YOU that is the complete angel! Delightfully written...and genuine. Nothing but amazing wishes go out to you and yours. All best, Jennifer

JanBan said...

My gul,

You know, you're like Dorothy from Kansas. You already have all the love, the faith, the strength, the magic that you need. You've had them the whole time.

We're just here to remind you when you forget...

And I have to say-- I'm most definitely not an angel. I'm just lucky enough & blessed enough & priveleged enough to know you-- much less be counted as your best friend. What did I ever do to deserve that??

Love you,

Joy said...

See, I told you these girls were the best! ;)