Nov 28, 2005

Our first "Snow Day"!

Well... it's really an "Ice Rain" day but nevertheless the buses were cancelled and therefore the kids decided it would be "Pyjama Day". Might as well - we're not going anywhere anyway! Sometimes kids come up with the *best ideas...I LOVE wearing my p.j.'s all day - just needed a good excuse to do so! Thanks Jack & Elle :)

Vintage Ornaments

Well, I was feeling a bit creative on Friday... (really, I just didn't feel like doing my housework) I LOVE those vintage ornament wreaths that everyone makes but didn't have a wreath so I decided to use an old mirror instead. Cool, huh?

Nov 27, 2005

Getting Ready for Christmas...

As of today there are 28 days until Christmas. Are you ready? :)

This May Be a Dumb Question...

...but why do some people use "Typepad" and some use "Blogger"? The answer for me was simple - Blogger was free! :)

Nov 25, 2005

Elle Belle

I woke up this chilly morning to find out that my little Ellie had lost yet another tooth -I think we're up to 6 now! This kid is making a lot of $ off of the Tooth Fairy. :)

Nov 24, 2005


For those of you who know me, you know how much George meant to me. I haven't spoke of it, but in August 2005 we lost him due to what we believe was in-line breeding. He became very aggressive in the end, totally unlike his character. (he started biting with no warning) We tried everything - training, etc but in the end, it came to our vet's opinion that he could not be helped. I urge anyone buying Old English Sheepdogs (or any pure-bred dog for that matter) to make sure the breeder is breeding for temperment and not "show". We adored George and miss him terribly. He was a part of our family.

Nov 23, 2005

Then and Now...

That's me on the left, Mel on the right - contrary to the title

Ode to Melody

This is a picture I didn't even know existed until this past weekend when my cousin emailed it to me. What a blast from the past! And a true "gift" as I don't have many pictures when I was this age - hey, I was the last of 5 kids! That's me in the red beside my dear sister Melody. She is 2 years older than me and has been my best friend my entire life. I don't know what I'd do without her! P.S. Thanks Mom for the boy haircuts

Nov 20, 2005

Rest in Peace Beppe

My Mom's Mom passed away November 16 at the age of 93. We called her Beppe which is Freisian for Grandma. She was in quite a bit of pain in the end due to a fall and died peacefully in her sleep. Beppe led a long life. She had lived through the war in Holland, helping Jews hide in her home. She was determined, brave and had a wicked sense of humour. She was a mother to 7 children. As I watched my Mom this past weekend I realized that no matter what age you are, it is never easy to lose your Mom.

Nov 15, 2005

40 Things You May Not Have Known About Me...

1. I am 36 years old but always consider myself 29 forever
2. I hate getting up in the morning
3. Housework has never been my thing - I do a mean "10 Second Tidy" though
4. Sometimes I invite people over for dinner just to motivate myself to clean
5. I have been known to leave clean clothes in the dryer for over 2 days
6. I absolutely MUST have Tim Horton's coffee in the morning
7. Whenever I vacuum the hose will trip me 20 times before I put it away
8. I hate warm milk - the colder, the better
9. I have a thing for Larry King, Regis Philbin and Dominick Dunne
10. I think my children are the *best* in the world! (that's a no-brainer)
11. My favourite chocolate chip cookies are made by Janet
12. My favourite author is Janet (get published already!)
13. My Dad has the most beautfiul blue eyes
14. My Mom is the sweetest woman on the planet
15. I love the Amazing Race and curse Mark Burnett for not allowing Canadians on
16. I think Valentine's Day is tacky
17. Therefore - I also think roses are over-rated
18. I have 3 chandeliers in my bedroom
19. I burn my hands at least once a day from hot water in the kitchen sink
20. I have been typing for approx 20 years and still have to look at the key board
21. Dust is my nemesis
22. Wine is my friend
23. I am totally addicted to watching the Food Network
24. I hate the color Purple. Period.
25. My favourite flavour combination - peanut butter & chocolate
26. I do not understand the love of golf
27. I cannot drive the speed limit
28. I shake my head at parents who don't know how to say "no"
29. When I walk into Winner's I head straight to Housewares - what's wrong with me?
30. George Clooney is beginning to get on my nerves
31. I hate it when people dress their dogs
32. I love my husband to pieces!
33. I have an ear for languages but not the ability to speak them
34. I must have poutine at least once a week
35. It's hard to be miserable when you're name is Joy
36. I hate snakes
37. I love to hug and don't understand people who don't
38. My favorite thing is being on vacation with my family
40. I am still friends with the girls in my kindergarten class

Nov 7, 2005

Perseverance Through Pain and Grief

Perseverance. What gets us through the worst of times. What saves us from being gobbled up by grief and sorrow. I will not succumb to it. Right now I should be cleaning my house but these thoughts came to my head and I knew I had to write them down. Through the loss of my brother I have been low - very low. But I will not let his death ruin me. I will be an example for him. If the tables were turned he would not let me down. So, cleaning can wait. The bible states that God gives us trials and tribulations to see what we're made of - well, I'm made of good stuff! But only through His grace.

Nov 4, 2005

Halloween Fun

They had a great time and were so tired they actually WANTED to go home!

A new Halloween record!

Give it up to "Beppe Bies" (my best friend's Mom) and her host of pumpkin carving helpers - they carved a total of *104* pumpkins this year - a new record! And all of them lit! She says it's her last year but no-one believes her...

Everyone so appreciates the hard work and dedication it takes to complete this overwhelming task - and next year I will be there to help carve - I promise! :)