Nov 24, 2005


For those of you who know me, you know how much George meant to me. I haven't spoke of it, but in August 2005 we lost him due to what we believe was in-line breeding. He became very aggressive in the end, totally unlike his character. (he started biting with no warning) We tried everything - training, etc but in the end, it came to our vet's opinion that he could not be helped. I urge anyone buying Old English Sheepdogs (or any pure-bred dog for that matter) to make sure the breeder is breeding for temperment and not "show". We adored George and miss him terribly. He was a part of our family.


berryhead said...

Joy* you've gone through so much loss in the past year...My heart goes out to you...& I'm sorry to hear about George* I always admired him on your pages sad to hear this news:( He was say the least! hugs again to you!

Joy said...

Thanks Ame :) You know, this one was a hard one to take - George was my support system through loss of my brother and I really questioned WHY this had to happen. Still don't know. Still have a very hard time with it. I really hope animals go to heaven so I can be reunited with him one day!

ms*robyn said...

oh I am sure animals must go to heaven. Just look into a doggy's eyes and tell me they don't have a soul !!!!