Nov 7, 2005

Perseverance Through Pain and Grief

Perseverance. What gets us through the worst of times. What saves us from being gobbled up by grief and sorrow. I will not succumb to it. Right now I should be cleaning my house but these thoughts came to my head and I knew I had to write them down. Through the loss of my brother I have been low - very low. But I will not let his death ruin me. I will be an example for him. If the tables were turned he would not let me down. So, cleaning can wait. The bible states that God gives us trials and tribulations to see what we're made of - well, I'm made of good stuff! But only through His grace.

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ms*robyn said...

I don't know what happened but just wanted to say sorry for your loss & grief - hope that blogging friends will help a little... it can't take the pain away but it helps to know that someone is reading & caring xoxo