Nov 20, 2005

Rest in Peace Beppe

My Mom's Mom passed away November 16 at the age of 93. We called her Beppe which is Freisian for Grandma. She was in quite a bit of pain in the end due to a fall and died peacefully in her sleep. Beppe led a long life. She had lived through the war in Holland, helping Jews hide in her home. She was determined, brave and had a wicked sense of humour. She was a mother to 7 children. As I watched my Mom this past weekend I realized that no matter what age you are, it is never easy to lose your Mom.


berryhead said...

Hi Joy! I think you will know who I am:) I love stories like this* They always give me the shivers I just found you tonight and am glad!!! Just wanted to stop in and say howdy! Neat site too btw! xoxo

berryhead said...

& during my excitement to have found you* DUH! I have forgot the most important thing.which was to tell you that..I'm sorry you've lost your grammy* It's a hard thing... remembering all the time spent together and cherished memories helps. I'm glad you knew so much about her. Hugs my friend~ xox Amy