Dec 16, 2005


O.K. It was obvious to me that "The Donald" had something up his sleeve for last night's conclusion to The Apprentice. I had a feeling he wanted to hire BOTH Rebecca and Randall - and he WOULD HAVE had Randall not dissed Rebecca at the end of the show! I don't understand why the guy wouldn't give her a good recommendation AFTER he won. "This is The Apprentice - not The Apprenti..." Gimme a break! She could have gotten a job out of this - A job - not HIS job! Randall's two-year-old-type knee-jerk reply "This is mine - all mine!" just left me feeling Rebecca deserved to win more.


jamie said...

Is that a TV show or something???

Carol said...

Totally with you there Joy! Couldn't believe his response!!! I had hoped at that point, that the Donald would have reneged on his appointment to Randall and moved Rebecca into his place! That would have been great! She was totally gracious too! Man!!!!!!