Dec 7, 2005

Opening Our Hearts

Well, we've adopted a 6 year old Portuguese Water Dog (they're hypo-allergenic for my allergic husband) Her name is Matilda which we will shorten to Mattie as time goes by. It has been a BIG adjustment period for her - she's extremely nervous but is learning the routine well. She loves to run and loves to swim too (not for a while here though) I am nervous too - don't want to get my heart broken again. She is not agressive at all though and just loves the kids. She has the sweetest face and brown eyes to match her shaggy coat. She's a doll!

1 comment:

berryhead said...

O H MY GOWSH! She is Wonderful! I love her coloring* and what a sweet face:) Congrats to you all! How Fun!

ps..I see your tree! It's beaUtiful!