Jan 22, 2006

It's funny how the whole world seems to crash before you go on vacation. My dear husband has put up with many crises this past week including a contractor threatening to take him off the job if he leaves. (this trip has been planned since last August so it's not like people didn't KNOW it was coming) And then of course we had two employees go "missing" on Friday with a truck full of tools. Apparently they had partied a little too much on Thursday night and decided to just keep going into Friday and not tell anyone, including their wives and their boss. Juergen has been up and down the 401 like a rubber band. Because of all of these mishaps he is working today as well. I love this man and all he does for us. So, to wrap up:

Threats to have job contract taken away - Mega $$$$$

Employees' night of fun at our expense - $400.00

Bottle of Advil to take away the migrane it caused - $5.99

Finally getting to go on vacation with your family for 2 weeks - priceless


nicole said...

wow all that hastle just to go on vacation? gee whiz - well you best enjoy yourselves for those 2 weeks!!

By the way, I love the whole priceless thing...it's a good way of looking at. :)

nicole said...

it...looking at it. lol