Jan 2, 2006

My, how time flies...

Happy New Year to one and all. For me, New's Years has taken on a whole new meaning. It's one more year I have gotten through. Survived! Not necessarily in a bad way but one more year that I have gotten stronger. The loss of my brother Vic is still overwhelming but time heals the wound a little each day. It can never heal the loss we all feel but the feelings and emotions are less raw. Last Christmas was so hard ... this Christmas I concentrated on Victor being in heaven at the most magnificent time. Being part of a celebration like no other! And being a Christian I know that someday I will see him again - what a wonderful thought. Until then I will make the best use out of my life. My New Year's Resolution? To be more charitable! We are so blessed and someone once said "Giving makes you feel good....but we have to give until it hurts!" God has only put us on this earth for a short time and I plan to make good use of it.

P.S. Our family received great news in this new year - my oldest brother Michael got engaged to his love Trish and we are so thrilled for both of them!


jamie said...

Since you are being charitable, I'd like a new Winnebago, and a chance to direct a movie. Thanks.

Jamie. :-)

Joy said...

I said charitable - not wizard-like! ;0)