Jan 14, 2006

"Stuff" - and the Meaning of Life

It's funny how much STUFF you can accumulate over the years. How much STUFF we think we need. Do I need 8 chopping knives? Do I need 2 curling irons, a flat iron and a hot air brush? Do I need 5 different face creams? Do I need over 50 wine glasses and various stemware? (maybe if I have a really big party) Do I really need a purse to match every wardrobe? I think not. Every three months or so I rampage through this house with garbage bags full of items I feel are bogging me down - good riddance I say! But the real question is why do I have to do this every couple of months? *WHERE is all of this stuff coming from?
The first trip we ever took together as a family we stayed in a lovely house in Puerto Plata. This house had the bare necessities (until we came along and dragged all of our STUFF into it!) I sat there one day and thought - this is nice. Uncomplicated. Un-cluttered. The lure of *stuff can be as intoxicating as a good glass of chilled white wine. Dealing with the accumulation of stuff is like dealing with the hangover aftermath of one glass too many. When will I ever learn?


Diana said...

You have hit on something important here... bulls eye in fact...
I have thought about this accumulation of things
quite a bit... Hurricane Katrina was a real turning
point for me... something about seeing all of those people on their rooftops made me purge our house of all excess... and boy did it feel great.. Thanks for this
post !

melodyunchained said...

My favourite saying.."Live simply".

Joy said...

Easy to say "Live Simply" dearest Melody when you're on the receiving ends of my goods!!! I want my slip covers back! ;)