Jan 19, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Eight years old today! I can't believe it, how fast time flies when you're not paying attention. When I was first dating Juergen, my sister's daughter Meghan was just two years old and a doll! Juergen had a soft spot for her with her dark hair and dark brown eyes. He often said he wished he could have a little girl just like her. I didn't think it possible! But I tell ya, the day she was born and she presented herself to us, it was unbelievable - she was the spitting image of Miss Meghan. She looked like a rosebud - her coloring was a perfect warm pink, she had dark brown hair with brown eyes to boot. Juergen had gotten his wish...and I had gotten the little girl that had kicked me so hard during my pregnancy that I thought it could only be a boy.

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