Feb 16, 2006

Job Assessment

Feeling kinda low today. Jack got in trouble (again) at school and I tend to take these things very personally. This is the way I figure it - I'm a stay-at-home Mom so if I am producing "bad" kids I must be doing a bad job of rearing them. This is my job ... and I'm failing! I don't want Jack to be known as a problem child or one who is constantly being sent down to the Prinicpal's office. Very frustrating.


jamie said...

Two things.

1. The word 'principal' is not spelled correctly.

2. Boys were BORN to get into trouble. Relax. Take comfort in the fact that he's normal, just like you!!!!

Good job!!!

Joy said...

....but I never got sent to the Principal's office! :(

Tim Bailey said...

I was sent to the principal's office more times than I care to remember. I was threatened with suspension, told I was no good and basically every teacher but one thought I was an idiot.

Are you saying that was my mom's fault?

I'm telling.

JanBan said...

You know, I have to say-- these boys are right, Joy! Listen to your cousins, they're very wise. (But wait-- that's not what you told me about them!) ??


Sigh... Do we have to go over this again?? Repeat after me: I am a faboulous Mom... I am a fabulous Mom... I am a... yeah, you get the idea. In fact, you're so fabulous that I look to *you* for guidance--so don't be burstin' my bubble, here!


berryhead said...

Hey Joy! Guess what? I myself actually did get a paddling from the principal:) I got caught throwin candy in home ec class and since it was my 3rd time down to the principals office my punishment was indeed a paddling! ahhahahaha! don't fret listen to the others..your boy is fine. and you're doing a fine job and I hope this helps ya feel better:)

Carol said...

How old is your son? Let me take a guess - 9 or 10? Don't worry about it... he's just re-adjusting to his yucky routine too! Yours is laundry... his is 6 hours of listening to someone TEACH him very interesting things! *yawn*

Boys will be boys.. I am slowly learning to adjust to this fact. Have you read the GREAT book "Bringing Up Boys"? It's a great read! They're a breed all their own!!! haha!

Hope you have a great week-end.