Feb 27, 2006

Mom and Me

I just came back from a funeral. A member of my church passed away at the age of 81. She leaves a grieving husband and 5 sons. Not matter how old you are it is never easy to lose your Mom. She was a great lady and will be sorely missed.

As I sat there with my own Mom today I thought about how much I love and admire her. And I want to tell her how much. My Mom is not your average Mom. She is the most caring, kind, loving and compassionate woman. My siblings and I adore her. She has been to hell and back over the last year and a half but she has handled herself with grace and dignity. She has a faith that cannot be shaken and trusts in the Lord. The love we feel for our Mother is unsurpassed. We know how extremely blessed we are to have her.


JanBan said...

I love your Mom, too.

And so does my Dad-- hubba hubba!

So I'm wondering, in light of the on-going 50-year crush, do you think I can be an 'almost' sister?

Pretty please?

Hugs to you & yer Mom,

Joy said...

P.S. to Jan - Kat and I were saying yesterday that your Dad is soooo handsome! :)

P.S. We ARE sisters!