Mar 7, 2006

Dude, You're Gettin' A Dell!

So my mother got a new computer from Dell and asked me "What ever happened to that nice fellow who did commercials for them?"... Y'know, the Dell Dude.

This is how she remembers him: his prime

This is how I remember him:
...and not so much

I am not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination but I told Mom I would hook up her new computer. What the hell was I thinkin'? Well, it wasn't that big of a deal but the modem was giving me trouble. After setting the whole computer up I hit a brick wall. I just could not figure it out! Then my sister Melody comes in and fixes it lickety-split. Nice. (I should say in my defence that she had to go home and look at her computer/modem connection to figure it out!) Melody saves the day! lol

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