Mar 6, 2006

Enough Already with the Oscars!

Just when I thought it was safe to turn on the t.v. again!

No, this morning they're doing the Post Oscars wrap-up. Oh yay. Like I haven't heard enough about this. In Hollywood they have turned the Academy Awards into a machine. The words "And Best Actor goes to..." is anticipated as much as "... And the cure for cancer is..." Have we lost all sense of mind here people? People are starving, men and women are being killed in the Middle East, but the Oscars are sooooooooo important. I understand, it's a business, winning an Oscar is big bucks. But it's also just a statue. My daughter saw all the pictures in the paper this morning and asked in reference to the Oscar -"What is that Mom?" "Oh, it's just an award I replied." Her next response? "Why do they all look so happy?" Good question Elle. Maybe they have nothing else in their lives to be happy about. I have my own Oscar thank-you very much and it's priceless - and the more people it goes to the happier I am.

My Bible!

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Shannon Bieger said...

AAAAAAAmen to that!