Mar 20, 2006

First Day of Spring and PMS

Ummm, I don't think so. Why is that at 36 years of age I still think that because it is March 20th - the first day of Spring - I will open my front door and magically the birds will be chirping, the sun will be shining and it will be warm. Not so much. It's bloody freezing here. Someone turn on the heat!

Well, I survived March Break. Now for you ladies out there, let me just say that March Break coincided with Aunt Rose. Not a good combination. The kids look at me like I've gone and lost my mind and I just want to yell "But I'm PMS-ing!" Yes, there is a reason why I seem like a bitch-on-wheels, I just can't explain it to you. And here is a snippet of my pms-induced unlogical mind.

Jack decided he wanted to run away from home on Friday evening. And he convinced his lovely sister that she would be a great traveling companion for him. Well, being blessed with a "mother's instinct" and the fact that I saw them whispering and dragging their backpacks upstairs, I knew this was a plan in motion. A few hours later Ellie asked me what time I usually go to bed - "Ten o'clock?" she ventured. This is where the jig is up. I tell them I know what they're up to and why don't they just fess up. Well, good kids that they are - they did. They actually admitted to me that they were going to run away after I fell asleep. Their bikes were on stand-by in front of the garage. They were going to ride like the wind to their Tante's house which is approx. 2 kms and 2 large overpasses away.

And this is where my brain SNAPS.

I don't get mad, I go straight for the guilt trip. "HOW do you think that would make Mom feel - getting up in the middle of the night to find my two children MISSING? How could you EVEN THINK of doing something so cruel? Mommy would be absolutely PETRIFIED! She would LOSE her mind!" ... and other blatherings that came out of my mouth ... I was very hurt to think that these two children would try and do such a thing. (remember - this is a pms mind) After my rant I cooked them supper and then made a rather grandious exit to my bedroom... sad shoulders, hurt eyes, the whole bit. I called my mother to ramble and she reminded me that this was normal. (the kids wanting to run away - not the way I handled it) Apparently my oldest brother Mike tried running away when he was three - he packed a suitcase so full he had to drag it behind him - needless to say he didn't get far. So anyway, the kids came up after they ate, and with regret in their eyes and love (sprinkled with fear?) in their hearts they apologized for making Mom feel so bad. If they were older this is where I would've said: "It's o.k. I'm just pms-ing." And all would be right with the world...


jamie said...

First day of spring (sigh). We have a winter storm advisory goin' on for the whole day. It ain't right.

It would have been worth the price of admission to watch Jack and Ellie make their escape...definitely a picture worth 1000 words!!!

Paul said...

awwww.... I heard that crushed asparin helps calm PMS.....

you hold the asparin on your forehead... and you crush it with a ball pien hammer!

( just want to be a blessing!! )