Mar 27, 2006

The First Night is the Hardest...

Well, the first night went o.k. No messes in the house yet and that's a good thing. Mr. Wilbur had never been crated so he sure didn't like that idea. We both fell asleep in the livingroom last night and at midnight I took him outisde for his last potty break. Then, into the dreaded crate. He did fuss for a while but then settled in for a long night - woops - I mean til 4:00 a.m. when I had to take him out again for another potty break. Then, more fussing and back up again at 6:30 a.m. It is now 8:00 a.m. and he was very tired after playing with the kids before school so now he is back in there sound asleep. I think he will like the crate more and more - it's a safe haven for him where no one can bug him.

I must say he looks rather docile in the pics but actually he's a little devil and he LOVES to play - and to bite...great. We'll have to nip that in the bud. ;) Oh you poor people who read my blog - you will be herein inudated with photos of this pup!

It was wonderful to hear the birds chirping early this morning...I so miss that in the winter months. I just noticed the cutest little chipmunk outisde the window while I am typing this. I find them cute... squirrels, not so much. It is a beautiful sunny day here for which I am thankful for - I fear the mud situation may drive this girl over the edge.


JanBan said...

Ok, so five minutes with this sweetie & I'm in loooove-- he's *such* a cutie!

Can't help but think-- you'll have to get another one & call him Orville... (Or if it's a her, Charlotte.)

Wouldn't it be nice for him to have company??



Paul said...

I'm like you... I hate mud..... my car looks like I've been four wheeling... jeepers!

btw...cute dog!!

Shannon Bieger said...

Ok normally, I'm just "eh" about animals. Yeah, I like 'em. Dogs more than cats. But I don't get all crazy in love with them. But I am CRAZY in love with this dog! OMG he is the cutest animal I have ever seen. EVER! What breed is he? I am just smitten with this little guy.

Jenny said...

That dog is so adorable!!!