Mar 29, 2006

Getting Through the Week...

Yes, another shot of Wilbur, couldn't help myself!

We've had a couple of beautiful days here - nice and sunny which really makes it feel like Spring is on its' way. I was just thinking the kids will be out of school in just two short months. Where does the time go? Summer will be here soon!

My computer is driving me nuts! I know it's time for an update but that's just not in the cards right now. I am finding it hard to resist the urge to hurl it towards the other side of the room. It freezes up a lot and is just otherwise miserable.

I HAD to go to Walmart today and of course walked out of there having spent $75 - on what? Not sure. Juergen called me on my cell and I was aimlessly walking through an aisle, mesmerized by the "rollback" prices which continually caught my eye. He heard the loud speaker in the background and said "Are you in Walmart?" "Why, yes. Yes I am." (no gettin' out of that one)

I have been struggling for the past couple of weeks missing my brother Vic. Today is a better day. I have to remind myself to take one day at a time. I love this picture of Vic as it shows how kind and sweet he was. His personality certainly shines through, don'tcha think? Someone reminded me the other day about God's plan for us. God is in control and I have to trust in Him. But wow, missing Vic can sometimes be debilitating. An update to this blog I wrote earlier today - I just watched my wedding video with my kids (I've haven't watched it in YEARS) In it, during the reception the video shows Vic and I dancing together. The song? "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. I think this is the sign I was asking for this week.

My Pass-Along Promise for today? "The journey may be difficult but your rewards will be great." Amen.


Tim Bailey said...

hey -
well, until you get yourself a Mac, the computer will always give you grief.... (now let's wait for Grumpy's comment on that)

A great picture of Vic. Makes me want to take a lot more pictures of the ones I love.

Carol said...

Beautiful pic of your brother, Joy! Thanks for sharing your heart as you grieve. I can't imagine the pain that you are feeling - and I'm sorry for your loss.