Mar 31, 2006


The Waiting Game.
This is a clever little trick that Wilbur thought up this week. He gets tired of chasing Ellie all around cuz he can never catch her so instead he sits and waits. Then when she approaches him, thinking he is totally docile, he pysches her out and pounces on her when she is 2 inches away from his face. It is pretty comical to watch. I am sleep deprived because of this puppy. I can longer say "no messes in the house" and the bags under my eyes would be charged extra at the airport. But I still love the funny little guy.

Speaking of funny little guys, I was just introduced to Crazy Frog by my friend Janet's son. I am warning you - once you watch this short video you will not get the song out of your head. Bing Bing!

I cannot wait for yard sales to begin. It is my fav time of the week. You just never know what treasure you will find and that's exciting. I'd better check the paper today - we've had 5 gorgeous days in a a row and that may inspire someone to start early.

I have to hop in the shower now...or the pitiful excuse we like to call a shower. Ugh - there's absolutely NO water pressure which makes rinsing your hair as painful as Chinese water torture.

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