Mar 10, 2006

Things That Make Me Go Hmm.....

Is this not adorable? A "Smart Car" from Mercedes Benz. (yes, Mercedes Benz)I got to see one up close today and they just make me smile. Surprisingly they have a lot of storage room too. I think I could fit 20 of these in my driveway!

So the March Break is upon us, what to do, what to do. We don't have any plans other than sleeping in every day. Oh - and a visit to Auntie Sharon's! :0) What else is new? My brother Mark and his love Lisa are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Puerto Plata - one week later my sister leaves for a week in Cuba.

T.V. Talk:
The more I watch The Amazing Race, the more tired I get, what's with that? They're always, running, racing, crying, falling, screaming, tripping, scheming, working, fighting. The show is EXHAUSTING to watch!

Has anyone noticed the fact that Donald Trump always seems like he's yelling on The Apprentice?

Why do Earl and his brother continue to sleep in the same hotel bed after he won all that money?

I have not watched Lost and I have to say therefore I am lost regarding the popularity of that show.

Jon Stewart was ga-ga over his special guest the other night - Neil Young. I love Neil Young. He was very charismatic and engaging. You either LOVE Neil Young or you HATE him - there is no middle ground.

Entertainment Tonight is so annoying! Tonight they were talking about "MANorexia...did Dennis Quaid suffer from it?" How STUPID is that?

I love the Oprah show but I find Oprah gets more and more "holier than thou" every day. She knows so much and just can't tolerate those who don't!

Ditto for Dr. Phil.

I miss Carrie and Big.

I have not watched Survivor at all this season and I have to say I don't miss it.

O.K. I got all of that off my chest. Whew! It's Friday night and time to chill...


jamie said...

I think it would look really cool crushed under the wheels of my F150.

Dadgumit who would buy such a contraption? Might as well buy a motorcycle and at least have some fun.


Carol said...

Oprah is driving me nuts lately too! I try to catch her a couple of times a week and lately I've had to turn her off... too much of a God complex... contrary to her apparent thinking... she does not RULE the universe!!!! SHUTUP!!!

I want to be on the amazing race but not with my husband... we wouldn't make it!

Still a survivor junkie!

Think I'd be scared in the smart pop can!