Mar 14, 2006

What was I Thinkin'?

March Break is in full swing and I promised each child they could have a sleep over with Mom on different nights. Neither knew when the other one was getting their sleepover so there would be no hurt feelings. So, tonight was Jack's turn. He loves our king size bed because his is a twin. He snuck into my room after Ellie went to sleep last night and I tucked him in. I then went downstairs and stayed up way too late watching t.v. Of course it took me forever to fall alseep and when I finally did I hear Ellie's little voice beside me saying "I had a nightmare" (I swear, this child has not had a nightmare in FOREVER - but of course tonight she does) So I scoop her up and out her in the middle between Jack and I. Now Jack, who is the most soundest sleeper out there magically wakes up and is not happy that Ellie is messing up his "mommy and me" time. Really! I am too tired to do anything but fall back asleep. Not much longer I am awakened by not one but TWO children grinding their teeth. And Ellie's legs that seem to always want to move horizontally in a kicking fashion. This is not working out for me. The last straw? Ellie flails herself over towards Jack's side of the bed and BOOM! Their heads collide. (I hate that sound) Jack is now fully disgusted..."She just bonked my head with hers!" That's enough, I scoop Ellie out of bed at 5:00 a.m. and bring her back into her own bed. I can't believe how wide awake I am at this time. Two hours later Jack wakes me up - he wants to start his day by chatting me up. Ummm, no. He gets up, I put a pillow over my head and finally get some rest.

And to think...I have to do this AGAIN!


jamie said...

Boy, I wish I could feel compassion for you here, but I just can't.

Because I am the biggest meanie on the face of the earth, my kids have NEVER once slept in the same bed as me. And never will.

Horrible, but true.

melodyunchained said...

Wow that Jamie, what a grumpy guy!
My daughter still has the odd sleep over with me and she's 15!
Keep up the good work Joy, never give up the fight.