Apr 30, 2006

Sun Day

...another gorgeous day here. Last weekend's rain certainly helped brighten things up - the grass in now green and the buds on the trees are progressing nicely. I love Spring.

Why is it that we can send a man to the moon but we can't make a multi-vitamin smaller than my fist? I might actually take the darn thing if it wasn't the size of a horse pill. More things that had me wondering this weekend...why is it that at my soon-to-be age 37 I am getting so many zits? What's with that? It's like I've hit late puberty. Very annoying. I vaccumed out my truck today and could not believe the stuff that was in there. First of all, gravel by the handfuls, (where did that come from?) old tokens, warrior people, discarded lollipop sticks, salt packets from Kentucky Fried, (isn't that food salty enough already?) broken sunglasses, Easter egss, hairy M & M's, spoke decorations for Ellie's bike and my final undoing - a single mitten. (Man, that vaccum has geat suction. Well, at least it did before that got sucked up)

Ellie had the time of her life Saturday trying on flower girl dresses. (pics to follow tomorrow) We were triumphant in our search and found the dress that had WOW all over it. (figuratively Jamie, not literally) The dress is absolutely stunning and I am sworn to secrecy on the details of it. I told Lisa - watch out, Ellie may steal your wedding out from under you. And she would too!

So, a busy week this week. I have final preparations for Juergen's surprise party to finish and can't wait until all of this is over! Lies are flying from my mouth WAY too easy. Shoulda been a lawyer... ;)

Apr 29, 2006

Saturday Musings

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day! My lovely sister-in-law Jackie was kind enough to come over and babysit so I could hit some yard sales. (hubby is working this weekend) I didn't come away with too much unfortunately...a piece of Italian pottery for my mom-in-law and the complete set of 2005 Martha Stewart Living magazines for $2.00. Still fun to get out and see all the yard sale junkies like me who have been anxiously awaiting Spring. I am now trying to catch up on some housework - as you can see I am doing really well. I am typing this blog and consequently NOT doing housework.

Ellie is SOOOOOO excited. My brother and his fiancee have asked her to be their flower girl and she gets to try on dresses today at 1:00 p.m. You could not give this child a better present. She is lovin' this! And this is her second kick-at-the-can. She was a flower girl 3 years ago for my husband's brother's wedding.

Wilbur continues to be a growing concern. Literally and figuratively. I canot for the life of me understand why he still makes messes in the house. He KNOWS it's bad but yet doesn't seem to really care. I get a kick out of his enthusiasm for life though, every treat is so delicious and new! Every car ride is thrilling! Chasing the ball - I mean, c'mon! Can you get anymore exciting than that??!

I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE this Jack Johnson cd. I highly reccomend it. Very mellow, very cool.

Can I just give a shout-out to all the people that leave me comments on my blog? THANK-YOU! I love comments!!!

Apr 27, 2006

Good Day/Bad Day

I truly believe that a good day hinges on the fact of whether or not I make my bed. Yesterday I did not make my bed. Not a good day. Today I did make my bed. Productive day.

I'm sure I have lost my nomination for "Mother of the Year" award. I yelled at the kids so much last night that I made myself horse. Nice. But honestly, did you ever have one of those days? Days where anything and everything make you nuts? Days where you just want peace and quiet and for the life of you, you cannot find it? Thankfully the sun presented itself today, I made my bed and proceeded to have a good day.

I thought I would start dinner early tonight and actually feed the kids something good. So here it is, almost 3:30 and I have mashed potatoes, grilled pork chops and sweet peas on the go. Jack comes into the kitchen, sees all of this is going on and announces "I feel like a peanut butter sandwich." (hmmm, you don't look like one) KIDS!

Wilbur had another bad night last night - up howling at 2:30 a.m. I just throw a pillow over my head and ignore him. He woke me up again at 5:00 a.m. and continued to bark until I arose at 6:30 a.m. Again, all I can say is it's a good thing he's cute.

I broke down and bought Juergen a rather expensive watch from a local jeweller for his big birthday coming up. So expensive that I have to go in and make payments on it! The co-owner is no dummy, she guilted me into it. She reminded me how much Juergen has spent on me over the years :0) I find myself going in once a week, paying her cash - she is much like my jewellery pimp. And I think she quite likes it!

Apr 26, 2006

Amazing Hippies

Please let these guys win the Amazing Race this year - I love them! Maybe it's because they aren't always saying "Good job baby!" to one another. They do have a great outlook though - they play the race with such great attitudes. Eric and Jeremy on the other hand, are pigs!

The weather here is dispicable. Bloody cold! And rainy. I have to keep reminding myself that "April showers bring May flowers." Since all of the melting snow I've come to realize what a complete and utter mess our yard is. Juergen must have at least 10 projects on the go - all seemingly involving steel of one kind or another. I am serious - it looks like "Sanford and Son" around here. And Wiburs' toys scattered around the yard don't help. I need patience - and fast!

Is Paula Abdul losing her mind on American Idol? She broke down last night during the show - after Elliot Yamin's performance actually. Simon of course chuckled under his breath while she was tearing up. That show gets stranger by the minute.

Apr 25, 2006


Hmmm...just cleaning up the kitchen after Ellie was playing with Play-Doh. She found my garlic press and decided that would be a good Play-Doh facilitator. Personally, I think it handles garlic better. It did make some neat hair though...

Apr 24, 2006

Eau du Wet Dog

or Wet Willy as we like to call him...

Apr 21, 2006


I am beginning to HATE my computer. The latest thing it does to tick me off - right in the middle of me typing a new blog this window will pop up stating some kind of error - and then when I close it, everything's gone. Poof!

So here I sit in my kitchen contemplating moving the furniture around (again, the Gemini in me) I figure it's a good excuse to clean the floors etc. I just haven't got the get-up-and-go feeling yet.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with my gal pals. Looking forward to it - we haven't gotten together in such a long time. I need to re-fuel my spirit!

Ever notice every spring one day suddenly the grass turns green - seemingly overnight? In my sister-in-law's subdivision the grass is totally green - bright green! Here it is still brownish-greenish. Yuk. Wilbur has turned out to be a dog that likes to dig unfortunately so my yard won't be looking good anytime soon. He quite likes destroying flowers that I have lovingly planted over the years. HOW do I get him out of that habit?

A final note - God works in mysterious ways...the other night my sister-in-law, my sister, Mom and I were very low thinking about Vic. Whether we realize it or not every month around the 20th we all get agitated, depressed, sad...miserable. We were all feeling this way and then realized the date. Mom, Mel and I had gone to the cemetery. We were sitting there in the grass and I was wanting a sign from God. A sign from Him about Vic - or just any sign. Validation! I was also asking my Mom about angels and she was explaining they are everywhere. "Well, where's mine?" I asked. We left that night, feeling a bit better. The next morning at 7:30 a.m. I get a call from a friend at church. She called me on her way to work to tell me that she had been thinking about me and my family over the last couple of days and had been praying for us. She sensed that we needed it and was overcome by a feeling to call and tell me so. I was truly overwhelmed.

How's that for a sign?

Apr 18, 2006

Oh, Wilbur

It slightly annoys me that I have to follow a puppy around the house anticipating a bowel movement that never seems to present itself when I want it to. I find myself standing on my front step constantly coaxing - "Go poop! Go pee!" If I were Wilbur I'D be annoyed with me. I cannot for the life of me understand why this dog, after three weeks of me dragging him outside every 30 minutes, will just suddenly start peeing under my kitchen table as if that is the most natural thing to do. We start "Puppy Kindergarten" tomorrow night, may the force be with us.

Why is it that every single night my kids seem truly aghast when I announce it's bedtime? I get the same reaction every night... "Jack and Elle - it's bedtime..." Standard response - a whiny and very disappointed "WHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?"

I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow. Perhaps a change is in order? I was trying to grow my hair long but the Gemini in me refuses to comply. I won't know what I am going to do until I sit my butt in the chair. I have the strangest hair. It's fine but there's a lot of it. And it doesn't like to be told what to do. In fact, it has a bit of an attitude - but not in a good way...in a bad, rebellious 2 year-old-way.

It's 9:00 p.m. I'm tired now but won't be at 11:00 when I should be. And then when I have to wake up tomorrow morning I will curse the fact that I didn't go to sleep earlier. Tomorrow night I will do the exact same thing. Funny how that works huh?

You've GOT To Be Kidding...

I am sooooo mad! I just got a jury summons in the mail...as if that weren't bad enough - it's on my birthday. My birthday! Well, what a fun day THAT'S going to be...

Apr 17, 2006

In A Woman's World...

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner was hosted here with everyone bringing a dish. That is such a great idea I think! ;) This was the best ham I have ever eaten! I believe Juergen picked it up at Foods of the World - his favourite store in the GTA region. Below is the apricot cheescake I made. Ellie took one look at it and said "Wow - it's smells better than it looks!" And what is THAT supposed to mean Ellie?

We had quite the crew here - I think 18 people. A good time was had by all. Turned out to be quite a late night with my oldest brother and his family leaving at 1:30 a.m. We had a lot of fun. The kids were up at 7:00 a.m. to find Easter eggs and then we went to church for a beautiful service followed by dinner at my mother-in-law's house. Needless to say we were a very tired bunch last night. Light's out at 10:00 p.m. Snoring by 10:02 p.m. for Juergen.

Mom enjoyed her smorgasboard of grandchildren and hopped like a bunny from seat to seat. It is a mutual admiration society as the pictures show. There's nothing like spending time with family.

Apr 15, 2006

Spring is Here!

Happy Easter everyone!

Apr 13, 2006

Magic Mushrooms

Is this gross or what? Here is the "fetus" my mother was going on about yesterday. Turns out it was some type of mushroom that had grown in the basement due to moisture. Um, Mom - please get that checked out, will ya? I have never seen mushrooms grow on carpet before. Still gives me the heebie-jeebies...

Wilbur had his first check-up at the vet today. He was a very good boy and weighs a whopping 22 pounds at 12 weeks. He has gained 12 pounds in 3 weeks. I think I am going to be in trouble with this one! I felt so bad when we came out of our exam room - there was a couple crying - their dog had passed away in the night. So sad.

I did some groceries today for the weekend, of course every store was packed with people. A long weekend comes and people think the stores will never be open again! When will I ever learn to shop a little earlier?

Pet peeves for this week:
- Businesses who will not accept $50 and $100 dollar bills (it is legal tender, isn't it?)
- People who steal my parking space
- Telemarketers who won't give up
- The price of gas

Apr 12, 2006

Wednesday (How's that for a title?)

I have sent the kids out back to play in the "lake" which is really our backyard. They are outfitted in their new rain boots and I dread to think what they will look like when they come back in. I think the 15 minutes of quiet will be worth it though.

We are hosting Easter dinner here Saturday night for my side of the family. I therefore need to step up in cleaning the house. It has gotten away on me lately - much like a child in a toy store. Hey wait! How did 6 loads of laundry pile up? Oh, I didn't do it for three days. Funny how that works.

My mother just called me (no, not to apologize) with a rather bizarre story. She has been cleaning her basement out after a water leak problem and has reported that she has found something odd. Something peculiar. She says it loks like a 2" baby fetus. Of a kitten? Of a mouse? No. She cannot decide what it looks like only that it is very odd and wants my opinion. Well, I will drag along my camera and report back here later.

Wilbur gets his first set of shots tomorrow at the vet. He then starts Puppy Class next week. Why do I have a feeling that he will be the worst puppy there? He has the attention span of a gnat. I hope the homework is not hard, I hate homework! He's ridiculous - all these puppy toys around here, including bones, old running shoes, rope pulls, balls - and he sits and plays with used dryer sheets that he yanks out of the laundry room wastebasket. He also likes to dig in my flower garden with his nose. Big holes! He thinks he's a truffle pig or somethin'. Juergen says "How do you know he's not using his paws?" Ummmm, because they're clean and his mouth and face are FULL of dirt.

I am taking the kids to see "Ice Age" tonight. I'm dragging my sister for moral support, plus we can sneak in Diet Cokes and munch on popcorn drenched in butter. Swimming in butter! Yum.

P.S. Happy Birthday Kath!

Apr 11, 2006

My Mom Doesn't Love Me (!)

So I found out yesterday that my Mom doesn't like my new Blogger picture. Nice. My own mother! Oh well, I guess I will have to change it soon.

As I was working on the computer today I heard a loud THUD against the window in the livingroom. Damn birds, when will they ever learn to fly in the sky and not into my windows? I chose not to go outside and investigate. It sounded too bad.

I don't know how this is possible but I lost another year again...I thought I was turning 36 but in fact I am turning 37. (next month) The funny thing is that Juergen thought the same thing. We are both losing our minds at the same time. How cute.

I am watching American Idol right now and the contestants are butchering the beloved songs of Queen. Why oh why must they do this? Some songs should only be sung by the original artist. No one can pull off Freddy Mercury. Can I get an "amen" on that one Kat?

I've Created a Monster!

Apr 9, 2006

Burger King, Fire Your Ad Agency

Here's another thing I've got to get off my chest...

Is this the WEIRDEST ad campaign, or what?! I don't even know where to start, it's just so wrong in so many ways. A few months back there was a t.v. commercial where the "King" is peering into someone's bedroom window - scary. This has been replaced by the ad running now - a cute couple on a bicycle built-for-two go through a tunnel - when they come out, the girl is gone. The "King" now sits behind the boyfriend and feeds him a Whopper. Big smiles all around - fade to black. I haven't even embellished that and it sounds creepy!

If this is sellin', I think it's time I get back into the ad world...

What Happened to Kenny Rogers?

To say I was a little shocked when I saw Kenny Rogers on American Idol last week is putting it lightly. Woah Betsy! What happened here? Who is this new guy and where did he hide the real Kenny? It makes me so sad to see people go under the knife only to come out looking like a whole 'nother person. The Kenny Rogers before was a great looking guy - his wrinkles were like badges of honour and further defined who he was. But after plastic surgery? Well, he looks plastic.

Apr 8, 2006

Barbie Boot Camp

Love this sleepy face!

For some reason Flickr is telling me I'm up to my image upload quota - if I want to add anymore photos I'll have to pay. That was fun while it lasted.

This morning Wilbur was up barking and carrying on at 7:00 a.m. Jack took him outside to do his business. Five minutes after he brought him in he relieved himself on the carpet. Bugger!

Jack has a friend coming over today so Ellie was very disappointed. In order to appease the great despair she was going through I promised her that I would be her buddy today. Because of that I am now signed up for a full day of playing Barbies, dress up, (including hair and make-up) followed by a good old fashioned tea party. Think of me, will ya?

Apr 6, 2006

The "Mom" Cocoon

There seems to come a point in every Mother's life where she puts herself on the backburner. The kids come first in everything. You can see the progression in new mothers...they are no longer out shopping for themselves, they are totally absorbed in their new babies and rightly so. Since my children are now 8 and 10 1/2 I have begun to remember myself. When I walk into a clothing store I no longer head for the kids' section. I look for me now! You might find me perusing the make-up counter on any given day. I have also started accessorizing again. Woo-hooh! For you Moms out there you know what I mean. They day after Jack was born I took my watch off, (he ran my schedule so what did I need a watch for?) I no longer wore jewellery as he would tug on it, and comfy clothes were a must. (spit-up much?) The priority was not me - it was my kids. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Having said that I am happy to be where I am right now. And I am very aware of it in other Moms I see. My friends Janet, Heather and I went shopping the other night. Janet has 3 children and is just starting to shop for herself again - it's so exciting to see her buy a scarf and a necklace - I can't tell you! This girl is movin' on up! After years of changing diapers, feeding time, lugging around baby car seats and sleepless nights - it is a due reward. We may not have the fashion sense that the younger girls possess but we have instinctive knowledge of our bodies - we know what we like and what looks good on us. We have wisdom that only comes with age. Mind you, we'll forget what we had for dinner the night before but that's another story...

Puppy Love? NOT TODAY

Irrefutable truth that getting a puppy is like having another child:

1) They need constant attention
2) They interrupt a perfectly good nights' sleep
3) They run from you like a petulant child when they think they're going to get in trouble
4) You love them in spite of this
5) They must be "baby-gated" (or in this case, slab-of-wood-jammed-in-door-opening) Don't be fooled by the picture - he absolutely HATES this...

6) Their crying and whining can make you want to hit the bottle - hard
7) The teething is intolerable
8) The naps are never long enough

Funny how the love affair seems to be dwindling huh? Again, it's a good thing he's cute. And now for something completely different...

I just got exciting news that Juergen's college buddy will be coming all the way from California to attend his surprise birthday party! This guy is amazing and I'm thrilled he is taking the time and effort to come. And yes... Tim and Jamie, you are both invited - call for details, I ran out of invites :)

Apr 4, 2006

Passwords, etc.

I don't know about you, but I am always signing up for something on the internet and therefore have about 10 different passwords that I can never remember. Why don't I just use the same password and make it easy on myself? Well, different organizations have different rules - some passwords have to be over 6 letters, some must include numbers, etc. The smart thing to do would be to write these things down somewhere but I guess I am too unorganized for that.

So, it's SNOWING here today - all day actually. I hate it when it snows after March. Mother Nature can be such a witch! The kids wore their running shoes to school and it snowed and snowed and snowed. Figures. Every year I put their boots away too early and then Mother Nature decides to teach me my lesson. Alright already!

So, the surprise bithday party is the works. I made invitations on the computer yesterday (which took hours) and then I stuffed them into envelopes and addressed them all. Then my lovely step-daughter comes over and surprises me with a piping hot Tim's (how cool is that Paul?) I hand her an invitation and she promptly informs me that I spelt the restaurant's name wrong. OH WELL!! That's what happens when you call your restaurant a stupid name ;)

I stayed up late last night watchig the finale of Project Runway. I swear to you Santino's voice just about drove me over the edge - get some intonation! (is that a word?) And the winner from last year - Jay - looks like they created a monster in that one. Chloe ended up winning without much hoopla. Could ya not get excited that you won???

The kids are presently cleaning their playroom in the basement - I asked them on Saturday to do it but magically it hasn't happened yet. I am now threatening to take a huge garbage bag down there to finish the job. They know when I throw that warning out that I am not kidding. The junk down there is amazing. Clutter be gone!

The puppy is causing me stress. He makes a mess in the house on a daily basis, nips at the kids' pant legs constantly and generally makes me ponder WHY IN THE HECK I wanted to get another dog. Again I say - it's a good thing he's cute.

Housework is calling - I've ignored it all day so have to report for duty now....

Apr 2, 2006

Sunday Blatherings

Every Sunday at church we have greeters - all the member families take turns and they get the coffee and juice ready in the morning for after the service and then hand out the bulletins as people walk into the sanctuary. Well, I walked into church today, saw no-one was greeting people at the door and immediately thought "Oh shit! I bet it's me today and I didn't know it." So I scurry up to the bulletins, flip one over and sure enough there it is in black and white "Greeters - J & J Zaczyk". Ugh! I had missed the last two Sundays at church and had no idea it was my turn. Luckily someone had already started the coffee for me. Jack and Ellie and I grabbed the rest of the bulletins and did our duty. I made up for it after though.... today we tried something new and had soup and buns after the sermon, because I was host greeter I had to do the dishes. I did have lots of help but I think I must have washed 100 soup bowls! Phew!

Juergen left early this morning for Hamilton so I asked Mom to go the Flea Market with me and the kids (and Wilbur) As my sister would say: "A whole bunch of crappity-crap-crap." I sell now and again on ebay - see link on side panel - and I have having a hard time trying to find interesting items. I get my best deals at yard sales but have to wait a little longer for them to start. As you can see from the picture Wilbur was totally exhausted. And he just loves to stick out his tongue.

Ahhh, the time change. Thank goodness it was nearing dark when I put the kids to bed. Just for a special treat I lit candles in both of their rooms and gave them each a back rub and shoulder massage. They loved it. Almost as much as blowing out the candle at the end of the session. What's with that? They just LOVE blowing candles out.

I was treated to sleeping in on Saturday morning. Juergen was home and got up with the "baby". How nice that was. Oh Wilbur, he still cries in the middle of the night but I usually ignore him. I just wish his bladder would grow bigger - faster.

I had so much fun on April Fool's Day. My sister and I love pulling pranks on people and can never fool each other anymore...we don't even try. You can't fool the fooler and you can't kid the kidder. But man did I get a lot of people. My parents, my husband, my two sisters-in-laws, my brother, my kids, a few people on this blog (!)..... Will you ever forgive me?

Apr 1, 2006

Happy News

Well, a bit unexpected but Juergen and I are excited to announce that we are expecting our third child this October! The kids were a little taken aback but are now warming up to the idea of being a big brother and big sister. Now is the time to give us your baby name ideas as we really haven't a clue.

Also, now is the time to remember it's April Fool's Day! ;)