Apr 26, 2006

Amazing Hippies

Please let these guys win the Amazing Race this year - I love them! Maybe it's because they aren't always saying "Good job baby!" to one another. They do have a great outlook though - they play the race with such great attitudes. Eric and Jeremy on the other hand, are pigs!

The weather here is dispicable. Bloody cold! And rainy. I have to keep reminding myself that "April showers bring May flowers." Since all of the melting snow I've come to realize what a complete and utter mess our yard is. Juergen must have at least 10 projects on the go - all seemingly involving steel of one kind or another. I am serious - it looks like "Sanford and Son" around here. And Wiburs' toys scattered around the yard don't help. I need patience - and fast!

Is Paula Abdul losing her mind on American Idol? She broke down last night during the show - after Elliot Yamin's performance actually. Simon of course chuckled under his breath while she was tearing up. That show gets stranger by the minute.


Michelle said...

Hello Joy...my name is Michelle and I came across your blog through a friend of mine's blog. I like your style of writing and the Honesty you have In them. :) I agree with you 100% on rooting for the Hippies!! I love those guys! They are such Sweethearts! I CAN'T STAND the two Jackasses Eric and Jeremy. UGH! Most Men who act the way they do are really very Insecure with themselves. They will do whatever It takes to get ALL the attention on themselves. I can't wait to hear the words "you are the last team to arrive" to Those 2 Jerks. Anyway great Site and keep up the good work! Your kids are Adorable!! Your daughter looks just like you! Very nice looking family. :)

Jenny said...

I like the hippies too. Probably because I am a former hippie wannabe from the early 90's.