Apr 8, 2006

Barbie Boot Camp

Love this sleepy face!

For some reason Flickr is telling me I'm up to my image upload quota - if I want to add anymore photos I'll have to pay. That was fun while it lasted.

This morning Wilbur was up barking and carrying on at 7:00 a.m. Jack took him outside to do his business. Five minutes after he brought him in he relieved himself on the carpet. Bugger!

Jack has a friend coming over today so Ellie was very disappointed. In order to appease the great despair she was going through I promised her that I would be her buddy today. Because of that I am now signed up for a full day of playing Barbies, dress up, (including hair and make-up) followed by a good old fashioned tea party. Think of me, will ya?

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The Grubbs said...

we use photobucket.com it's free and no limit!