Apr 6, 2006

The "Mom" Cocoon

There seems to come a point in every Mother's life where she puts herself on the backburner. The kids come first in everything. You can see the progression in new mothers...they are no longer out shopping for themselves, they are totally absorbed in their new babies and rightly so. Since my children are now 8 and 10 1/2 I have begun to remember myself. When I walk into a clothing store I no longer head for the kids' section. I look for me now! You might find me perusing the make-up counter on any given day. I have also started accessorizing again. Woo-hooh! For you Moms out there you know what I mean. They day after Jack was born I took my watch off, (he ran my schedule so what did I need a watch for?) I no longer wore jewellery as he would tug on it, and comfy clothes were a must. (spit-up much?) The priority was not me - it was my kids. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Having said that I am happy to be where I am right now. And I am very aware of it in other Moms I see. My friends Janet, Heather and I went shopping the other night. Janet has 3 children and is just starting to shop for herself again - it's so exciting to see her buy a scarf and a necklace - I can't tell you! This girl is movin' on up! After years of changing diapers, feeding time, lugging around baby car seats and sleepless nights - it is a due reward. We may not have the fashion sense that the younger girls possess but we have instinctive knowledge of our bodies - we know what we like and what looks good on us. We have wisdom that only comes with age. Mind you, we'll forget what we had for dinner the night before but that's another story...

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