Apr 11, 2006

My Mom Doesn't Love Me (!)

So I found out yesterday that my Mom doesn't like my new Blogger picture. Nice. My own mother! Oh well, I guess I will have to change it soon.

As I was working on the computer today I heard a loud THUD against the window in the livingroom. Damn birds, when will they ever learn to fly in the sky and not into my windows? I chose not to go outside and investigate. It sounded too bad.

I don't know how this is possible but I lost another year again...I thought I was turning 36 but in fact I am turning 37. (next month) The funny thing is that Juergen thought the same thing. We are both losing our minds at the same time. How cute.

I am watching American Idol right now and the contestants are butchering the beloved songs of Queen. Why oh why must they do this? Some songs should only be sung by the original artist. No one can pull off Freddy Mercury. Can I get an "amen" on that one Kat?


jamie said...

Well I thought your blogger picture was rather cute. So tell auntie to get her own blog!!!


melodyunchained said...

Joy, mom loves you... just not your picture!

Paul said...

I liked your picture.... tell your mom you got a second opinion!!

and by the way... though I never much liked Queen when they were in their prime, I watched last night too... and quite frankly... i think some really good musicians bombed cause they were forced to sing another groups' songs....

It's not right!

Joy's mommy Kay said...

Well Joy, you know I love you to pieces! But I'm still not convinced those things are mushrooms. I didn't clean them up yet, just waiting to see what happens! Joy thought I had lost my mind when I mentioned I had baby clothes on the line for my babies! Oh well being a senior citizen is so much fun! No Paul I did not try to eat them. It's an idea though!