Apr 4, 2006

Passwords, etc.

I don't know about you, but I am always signing up for something on the internet and therefore have about 10 different passwords that I can never remember. Why don't I just use the same password and make it easy on myself? Well, different organizations have different rules - some passwords have to be over 6 letters, some must include numbers, etc. The smart thing to do would be to write these things down somewhere but I guess I am too unorganized for that.

So, it's SNOWING here today - all day actually. I hate it when it snows after March. Mother Nature can be such a witch! The kids wore their running shoes to school and it snowed and snowed and snowed. Figures. Every year I put their boots away too early and then Mother Nature decides to teach me my lesson. Alright already!

So, the surprise bithday party is the works. I made invitations on the computer yesterday (which took hours) and then I stuffed them into envelopes and addressed them all. Then my lovely step-daughter comes over and surprises me with a piping hot Tim's (how cool is that Paul?) I hand her an invitation and she promptly informs me that I spelt the restaurant's name wrong. OH WELL!! That's what happens when you call your restaurant a stupid name ;)

I stayed up late last night watchig the finale of Project Runway. I swear to you Santino's voice just about drove me over the edge - get some intonation! (is that a word?) And the winner from last year - Jay - looks like they created a monster in that one. Chloe ended up winning without much hoopla. Could ya not get excited that you won???

The kids are presently cleaning their playroom in the basement - I asked them on Saturday to do it but magically it hasn't happened yet. I am now threatening to take a huge garbage bag down there to finish the job. They know when I throw that warning out that I am not kidding. The junk down there is amazing. Clutter be gone!

The puppy is causing me stress. He makes a mess in the house on a daily basis, nips at the kids' pant legs constantly and generally makes me ponder WHY IN THE HECK I wanted to get another dog. Again I say - it's a good thing he's cute.

Housework is calling - I've ignored it all day so have to report for duty now....

1 comment:

Paul said...

i have a few comments :

[1] Please tell your step daughter my address, and she can bring ME an XL cream only next time she is in Peterborough ( Or Brantford ... or Belleville or WHERE EVER I end up ! )

[2] I Hate the password problem.... I try to use the same one.. but that only makes it easier for people who hack... to access EVERYTHING I'm signed up for.... tsk

[3] I don't have a dog... for that very reason... ( and I ESPECIALLY don't have a cat! ... for no reason at ALL )

[4] I hate the weather too... I just came back from St Catharines, we were down inspecting some big greenhouses, some apple farms and a couple of grape farms... Weather sucked... i just get my self all accustomed to +8 weather and wham... I shiver like a leaf in November...

I love your blog btw!