Apr 29, 2006

Saturday Musings

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day! My lovely sister-in-law Jackie was kind enough to come over and babysit so I could hit some yard sales. (hubby is working this weekend) I didn't come away with too much unfortunately...a piece of Italian pottery for my mom-in-law and the complete set of 2005 Martha Stewart Living magazines for $2.00. Still fun to get out and see all the yard sale junkies like me who have been anxiously awaiting Spring. I am now trying to catch up on some housework - as you can see I am doing really well. I am typing this blog and consequently NOT doing housework.

Ellie is SOOOOOO excited. My brother and his fiancee have asked her to be their flower girl and she gets to try on dresses today at 1:00 p.m. You could not give this child a better present. She is lovin' this! And this is her second kick-at-the-can. She was a flower girl 3 years ago for my husband's brother's wedding.

Wilbur continues to be a growing concern. Literally and figuratively. I canot for the life of me understand why he still makes messes in the house. He KNOWS it's bad but yet doesn't seem to really care. I get a kick out of his enthusiasm for life though, every treat is so delicious and new! Every car ride is thrilling! Chasing the ball - I mean, c'mon! Can you get anymore exciting than that??!

I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE this Jack Johnson cd. I highly reccomend it. Very mellow, very cool.

Can I just give a shout-out to all the people that leave me comments on my blog? THANK-YOU! I love comments!!!


Paul said...

I LOVE garage sales... i haven't been to one yet this year... of course, I am a night hawk.. so when I roll out of bed at 10 on Saturday, the Hard Core Garage Salers have gotten the best deals.... Italian Pottery, Martha Stewart Magazines, etc....
Like I'm gonna bring THAT home!!!

anyway... I'm working on paperwork today... ( typing on blogs.. yup... a dedicated worker! )

Happy Saturday!***pm

jamie said...

I've only ever bought one garage. It was on sale, but I used the telephone to order it. I didn't have to drive anywhere.

There IS an answer to the dog messing up the house..... DON'T LET HIM IN THE HOUSE. Works for us. Dogs have never once made a mess in the house. Not once. Besides, with a name like Wilbur, he belongs in a barn with Mr. Ed.