Apr 21, 2006


I am beginning to HATE my computer. The latest thing it does to tick me off - right in the middle of me typing a new blog this window will pop up stating some kind of error - and then when I close it, everything's gone. Poof!

So here I sit in my kitchen contemplating moving the furniture around (again, the Gemini in me) I figure it's a good excuse to clean the floors etc. I just haven't got the get-up-and-go feeling yet.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with my gal pals. Looking forward to it - we haven't gotten together in such a long time. I need to re-fuel my spirit!

Ever notice every spring one day suddenly the grass turns green - seemingly overnight? In my sister-in-law's subdivision the grass is totally green - bright green! Here it is still brownish-greenish. Yuk. Wilbur has turned out to be a dog that likes to dig unfortunately so my yard won't be looking good anytime soon. He quite likes destroying flowers that I have lovingly planted over the years. HOW do I get him out of that habit?

A final note - God works in mysterious ways...the other night my sister-in-law, my sister, Mom and I were very low thinking about Vic. Whether we realize it or not every month around the 20th we all get agitated, depressed, sad...miserable. We were all feeling this way and then realized the date. Mom, Mel and I had gone to the cemetery. We were sitting there in the grass and I was wanting a sign from God. A sign from Him about Vic - or just any sign. Validation! I was also asking my Mom about angels and she was explaining they are everywhere. "Well, where's mine?" I asked. We left that night, feeling a bit better. The next morning at 7:30 a.m. I get a call from a friend at church. She called me on her way to work to tell me that she had been thinking about me and my family over the last couple of days and had been praying for us. She sensed that we needed it and was overcome by a feeling to call and tell me so. I was truly overwhelmed.

How's that for a sign?


Carol said...

Cool how God sends you what you need at just the right time!

We had a Jack Russell Terrier that loved to dig holes. The breeder told us how to fix it! We waited until Max had dug a new hole and David let him finish digging and then we filled the hole with water and David held Max's head under water for what I thought was a very LONG time... I was inside the house, crying at the time!!! Max sputtered and coughed when he came out of the hole... but he never dug another hole! For the rest of that day, he would go by the hole (water still in it!) and gaze at it.... poor thing! Not a nice treatment... but it sure worked!!!

Shannon Bieger said...

God is such the perfect provider. I don't know who Vic is. Is his story on your blog? If not, is it something you're comfortable sharing? No pressure of course.

Kay said...
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