Apr 30, 2006

Sun Day

...another gorgeous day here. Last weekend's rain certainly helped brighten things up - the grass in now green and the buds on the trees are progressing nicely. I love Spring.

Why is it that we can send a man to the moon but we can't make a multi-vitamin smaller than my fist? I might actually take the darn thing if it wasn't the size of a horse pill. More things that had me wondering this weekend...why is it that at my soon-to-be age 37 I am getting so many zits? What's with that? It's like I've hit late puberty. Very annoying. I vaccumed out my truck today and could not believe the stuff that was in there. First of all, gravel by the handfuls, (where did that come from?) old tokens, warrior people, discarded lollipop sticks, salt packets from Kentucky Fried, (isn't that food salty enough already?) broken sunglasses, Easter egss, hairy M & M's, spoke decorations for Ellie's bike and my final undoing - a single mitten. (Man, that vaccum has geat suction. Well, at least it did before that got sucked up)

Ellie had the time of her life Saturday trying on flower girl dresses. (pics to follow tomorrow) We were triumphant in our search and found the dress that had WOW all over it. (figuratively Jamie, not literally) The dress is absolutely stunning and I am sworn to secrecy on the details of it. I told Lisa - watch out, Ellie may steal your wedding out from under you. And she would too!

So, a busy week this week. I have final preparations for Juergen's surprise party to finish and can't wait until all of this is over! Lies are flying from my mouth WAY too easy. Shoulda been a lawyer... ;)

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or an insurance broker!