Apr 2, 2006

Sunday Blatherings

Every Sunday at church we have greeters - all the member families take turns and they get the coffee and juice ready in the morning for after the service and then hand out the bulletins as people walk into the sanctuary. Well, I walked into church today, saw no-one was greeting people at the door and immediately thought "Oh shit! I bet it's me today and I didn't know it." So I scurry up to the bulletins, flip one over and sure enough there it is in black and white "Greeters - J & J Zaczyk". Ugh! I had missed the last two Sundays at church and had no idea it was my turn. Luckily someone had already started the coffee for me. Jack and Ellie and I grabbed the rest of the bulletins and did our duty. I made up for it after though.... today we tried something new and had soup and buns after the sermon, because I was host greeter I had to do the dishes. I did have lots of help but I think I must have washed 100 soup bowls! Phew!

Juergen left early this morning for Hamilton so I asked Mom to go the Flea Market with me and the kids (and Wilbur) As my sister would say: "A whole bunch of crappity-crap-crap." I sell now and again on ebay - see link on side panel - and I have having a hard time trying to find interesting items. I get my best deals at yard sales but have to wait a little longer for them to start. As you can see from the picture Wilbur was totally exhausted. And he just loves to stick out his tongue.

Ahhh, the time change. Thank goodness it was nearing dark when I put the kids to bed. Just for a special treat I lit candles in both of their rooms and gave them each a back rub and shoulder massage. They loved it. Almost as much as blowing out the candle at the end of the session. What's with that? They just LOVE blowing candles out.

I was treated to sleeping in on Saturday morning. Juergen was home and got up with the "baby". How nice that was. Oh Wilbur, he still cries in the middle of the night but I usually ignore him. I just wish his bladder would grow bigger - faster.

I had so much fun on April Fool's Day. My sister and I love pulling pranks on people and can never fool each other anymore...we don't even try. You can't fool the fooler and you can't kid the kidder. But man did I get a lot of people. My parents, my husband, my two sisters-in-laws, my brother, my kids, a few people on this blog (!)..... Will you ever forgive me?


Paul said...


Paul said...

by the way.... is it really OK at your church to say S*** in the foyer? People'd get excommunicated at my church for doing that ( so they wait til they're in the Sanctuary ) tsk

Carol said...

That made me laugh too, Joy!!! Howl, actually! I was also fooled by your blog! You're apparently a very good fooler! The dog is adorable! I enjoy your blog!