Apr 12, 2006

Wednesday (How's that for a title?)

I have sent the kids out back to play in the "lake" which is really our backyard. They are outfitted in their new rain boots and I dread to think what they will look like when they come back in. I think the 15 minutes of quiet will be worth it though.

We are hosting Easter dinner here Saturday night for my side of the family. I therefore need to step up in cleaning the house. It has gotten away on me lately - much like a child in a toy store. Hey wait! How did 6 loads of laundry pile up? Oh, I didn't do it for three days. Funny how that works.

My mother just called me (no, not to apologize) with a rather bizarre story. She has been cleaning her basement out after a water leak problem and has reported that she has found something odd. Something peculiar. She says it loks like a 2" baby fetus. Of a kitten? Of a mouse? No. She cannot decide what it looks like only that it is very odd and wants my opinion. Well, I will drag along my camera and report back here later.

Wilbur gets his first set of shots tomorrow at the vet. He then starts Puppy Class next week. Why do I have a feeling that he will be the worst puppy there? He has the attention span of a gnat. I hope the homework is not hard, I hate homework! He's ridiculous - all these puppy toys around here, including bones, old running shoes, rope pulls, balls - and he sits and plays with used dryer sheets that he yanks out of the laundry room wastebasket. He also likes to dig in my flower garden with his nose. Big holes! He thinks he's a truffle pig or somethin'. Juergen says "How do you know he's not using his paws?" Ummmm, because they're clean and his mouth and face are FULL of dirt.

I am taking the kids to see "Ice Age" tonight. I'm dragging my sister for moral support, plus we can sneak in Diet Cokes and munch on popcorn drenched in butter. Swimming in butter! Yum.

P.S. Happy Birthday Kath!


Paul said...

( whispering ) ... quick! ... change the spelling of "Wednesday" before Jamie notices... you'll never hear the end of it !! :P

Shannon Bieger said...

I am with you on Kenny Rogers. That is unsettling. Those BK commercials crack me up because they are SO freaky that I can't help but laugh! I don't think I need to tell you again how much I love your dog! Seriously, I keep telling my DH that I want a dog just like this!!

EW about the little fetus. I wonder what it is. Eek!

Ok, now I want popcorn. Thanks a lot. : P