May 31, 2006


Ellie and Jack with their new, fresh-out-of-the-package, highly coveted Tamagotchi's...electronic creations that first hatch, then grow from babies to adults.

"Ellie, I have a girl and you have a boy - c'mon let's get married!"
(apparently you can do this in Tamagotchi-land)

Ellie to Jack:
"No - we're just kids! Let's not rush into anything..."

If It's Not One, It's the Other...

This photo was taken yesterday but I assure you that Wilbur is back to his old tricks and feeling much better. He is adjusting to his cast quite nicely.

I have only recently discovered that I can shoot video with my digital camera, how cool is that? Perhaps if I ever read an instruction manual I might have known this, say, a year ago.

Jack woke up this morning with another headache - not sure of it is a migrane or not. He has had 3 migranes in the last 2 weeks. I have taken him to the doctor and she told me to try and find out what triggers them, well I'm sure I don't know! I'm going to call her again and get her to refer me - to who I don't know - but I want some concrete answers. A 10 year old child should not suffer from this many migranes.

Have to go - Mommy has double duty today with Wilbur and now Jack...


May 30, 2006


This is the sign in front of Ellie and Jack's school. Should I be worried?

May 29, 2006

Wilbur is Home!

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary and we couldn't have asked for a better present - Wilbur (aka Hop-A-Long Cassidy) is home safe (but not quite sound!)

They did xrays today and found he did have multiple fractures in his left leg - no surgery needed - just a cast. The interns had fun doing that up. :) Mister Man is very happy to be home - but very whiny too - he would love to stay on my lap if I would let him. I am so thankful he is back!

We were laughing over dinner how different this night was for me and Juergen 13 years ago. I was being treated like a Princess, as any bride should be on her wedding day. Tonight I was sweaty and dirty from holding the dog, serving up pizza to the kids who were rather cranky, listening to Wilbur whimpering that I was ignoring him. How great is that?!! (and for once I am not being sarcastic)

May 28, 2006


While Juergen and I were finishing up outside last night, Wilbur got away from us and went across the street. Juergen went to get him and Wilbur did come but at the very last moment, he turned back towards the road - and got hit by a van. We were mortified. We rushed him into the vet's office and the poor pet almost died from shock. Literally, no joke. He was bleeding from the nose and mouth and his paw was also bleeding badly and pretty banged up. The vet stabilized him, sent us home and told us he'd call in the a.m. I waited patiently for a call this morning and he finally did call at 11:00 a.m. but left me feeling like Wilbur was not out of the woods by any means. So I did what any normal mother would. I hung up, went down there and banged on the door until he let me in. He brought Wilbur to me (he was walking on a leash, but not using the one leg) I felt so much better seeing him.

I got another call from the vet this evening. Wilbur is stable as of 4 p.m. and the swelling in his paw has gone down. Tomorrow they will x-ray him and see if he needs surgery. (perhaps a broken leg)

Ironic footnotes:
-The invisble fence we bought last week is sitting in our livingroom, waiting to be installed
-The driver of the van was a 16 year old boy, just learning how to drive with his Dad beside him
-The room we sat in with Wilbur is the exact room I sat with George when I had to have him put down last August

I feel so guilty about this happening - it should not have happened. I just pray that he will be o.k. and that I will have another chance...

May 26, 2006

Well I Never!

Adding insult to injury...

The men who are doing the stonework here happen to know my older brother Mark. After lunch, one of the men had seen Mark at a fast food place here in town. Later in the afternoon he recounts this story and then asks me, with slight hesitance, "Is Mark your younger brother?" (insert title of blog here) Mark is 41!!! So basically he thinks I look 42?? lol Thanks to Tim and Paul for making me feel better btw. :)

While I was digging through Ellie's school agenda today I come across a "Certificate of Recogntion" from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

It states:

Awarded to the students of Grade 2 for having completed the BABES program. Babes - Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies.

Even though no-one was watching me I think I did a double-take. I can't wait to ask Ellie when she gets home exactly what they taught her. She's in grade TWO! Now I am sure she will cry hysterically if she sees her father or I have a glass of wine. "You're addicted!!!"

I am very excited - all the girls are going out for dinner tonight! There are 5 of us and we haven't been able to be all together for a few months now. (the pic is a few years old) I am soooo looking forward to it. Ellie wants to know why she can't come (I am laughing out loud right now) These poor children - they actually think they should come along on girls night out. Hah! Now I know how my parents felt 30 years ago when half-way to the restaurant they found my sister and I hiding in the backseat of the trusty brown stationwagon. Not impressed. We thought they would love the surprise. Mmmmm, not so much.

May 25, 2006

Let the Games Begin...

The top picture shows the very important "Meeting of the Minds".

After nine years of patiently waiting, our Sanford and Son backyard/front porch is finally getting it's due reward! The porch is getting decked out in flag stone and the retaining wall in the back yard will get bricked after that. The picture above shows all of the STUFF I had on the front porch. I don't want to leave the house today as I fear Juergen may fill the back of his pick-up with it and I will never see it again.

I am now officially 37 - and old. Juergen and I had the pleasure of going out for dinner on my birthday night and were told by our sitter to "take our time - stay out late!" After dinner, there was too long of a wait for the late show to start - so we had a celebratory cocktail and then went home. You know you're old when waiting one hour for the late show to start is just too much. We're pathetic.

May 22, 2006

Tayler's Big Night

Wow, it's hard to believe that my oldest nephew Tayler is now 18 years old and went to his prom this past Friday. I can still remember him as the cutest little baby. It never ceases to amaze me how time seems to stand still in some ways - and flies in another.

This Victoria Day weekend was terrible weather-wise. Very cold and full of rain. How depressing! Usually it is a weekend where we drag out all of our patio furniture, plant flowers, cut the grass - instead it was a weekend full of laziness. Naps, couch potato marathons full of movie watching, and lots of comfort food. Not a bad trade-off I suppose.

I forgot to mention last week that I was THRILLED the Hippies won the Amazing Race. Kharma baby. Those frat boys were about as shallow as the puddles in my driveway. I guess it cam down to brains in the end and the Hippies sailed through the last task. I liked their energy, their outlook on life and most importantly, the way they treated people they met through the race. They were a class act.

I have to get some cleaning done today - my laundry has found a way to procreate and apparently so have the dust bunnies under my furniture. Have a great holiday Monday!

May 20, 2006

Act Your Age!

Age can be a funny thing. Especially when you're comparing your age to someone else's. Take for instance, I cannot stand the fact that I am older than Catherine Zeta Jones. I don't feel I look older than her! Perhaps it's because she is always polished, always just "so". She gives the impression that she wakes up looking that way. I, on the other hand, wake up most mornings looking like a disheveled hag. I am not crazy about the "thirties". The "twenty years" were great - being in your twenties just sounds better. I think I am more looking forward to my forties. Being in your forties implies that you have the knowledge and wisdom women in their thirties are still struggling to find. I guess, women like me who spend useless amounts of time complaining that Catherine Zeta Jones is younger than they are...

May 19, 2006

The End of Will and Grace

Dear "Will and Grace" Writers,

You didn't just write a season finale that broke my heart. Did you??? For the love of Pete and all things good I cannot understand why you the writers - think we, the fans of Will and Grace would believe that 1) they wouldn't speak for 2 years and 2) after they do, they go their separate ways for 20 years?!! How ludricrous! And not to mention Jack and Karen - are we supposed to believe that they are the only ones who carried on their friendship all of this time? Their duet was lovely but left me with a Bette Middler/Johny Carson kind of feeling. I am so saddened by this finale. It just wasn't true Will and Grace style. Will would have never NOT seen Grace's baby. They would have had their kids together at Gymboree! It would not have taken Jack and Karen 2 years to devise a scheme to get them back together. Anytime a sitcom fast-forwards years into the future you know it's going to be a train wreck. We have followed these characters week after week, we feel we know them - we love them! To fast-foward 2 years, 5 mins into the show is unfair. And then a whole 20 years?! I was waiting for this dream sequence to end, but it didn't. The future of Will and Grace should have been left in our minds - in our imagination. I did not want to see Grace with wrinkles and Will with sad eyes. And Jack looking like he gave up hope years ago. Karen is the only one who remained untouched. I loved "Will and Grace". I loved the show, the writing, the characters and the actors who portrayed them so beautifully. I will miss this show and have already done a re-write in my head.

May 16, 2006

Lilacs of my favourite things about Spring. I love the delicate fragrance of lilacs. Not in a candle, or a perfume or in a spray - just the delicious scent that only fresh lilacs can give. Every year I pick a bunch, put them in vases and brighten every room with them - even the bathroom! I especially love putting some on my bedside table - when my head hits the pillow after a long day it's very soothing...

Get Me a Brain - STAT!

O.K. First things first – the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I am a relative late-comer to this show but of course now feel I am a total authority on it. Was I the only one who found it TOTALLY REPREHENSIBLE that Izzy actually cut Denny's LVAD wire? And that she and Denny were seemingly o.k. with skipping the line and stealing a heart (from the father of 2 small kids no less?) The show was brilliantly written because it showed the flaws of each intern so well. Cristina choked when Burke needed her most, Meredith, well Meredith was a very bad girl, George couldn’t say “I love you” back and Izzy – we all know Izzy just completely went off the deep end. She’s right – she shouldn’t be a surgeon. What did you expect? She’s just a “pretty girl” afterall. ;o) The only character that did a complete 360 was Alex - and he's supposidly the bad guy! As for Dr. McDreamy - more like Dr. McCheater. Get a hold of yourself man! It was an emotional rollercoaster of a show ... good t.v.

O.K. back to reality. Hmmm... not much goin' on here. I'm not a surgeon, I'm not insane and I happen to love my husband with all of my heart. It doesn't make for great t.v. and that's just the way I like it.

May 15, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I am now hooked on Grey's Anatomy...a little late but I plan to catch up on the first season by renting it. (how handy) I love this show! The cast is brilliantly put together, the perfect blend of interesting characters - flawed and human. Idiotic and brilliant. Caring and callous. The season finale is tonight and it looks to be a good one!

Juergen has started the ball rolling with our "Sanford and Son" backyard. The retaining wall is set to be bricked this week. He enlisted some prep work to Jack and offered him payment of $2.00/hr. Jack thought this was awesome. Personally, I would've held out for more. Ellie, the thinker, mentioned to Jack that he should be helping Dad for love, not money. Jack then pondered this profound statment and declared: "I'll work for money 'til I make fifty bucks - after that I'll work for love."

May 14, 2006

The Mother of All Hanging Baskets

Well, the picture does not do it justice - this baby is HUGE! It is my Mother's Day present which comes from a greenhouse approx. 45 mins from here. They start making these massive baskets in February so by May they are really big. We went yesterday and 90% of the large baskets were already sold. Apparently the first day they open in April people line up outisde the gate, rush in, pick their basket and then a "sold" sign is put on them until they are picked up. Hundreds of these huge baskets hung from the ceiling with sold signs on them leading me to believe that this may be the lucrative business I have been looking for. Just kidding. My thumb is less than green.

Happy Mother's Day to all fellow mothers out there. We went to church this morning and then went out for brunch and now have plans to visit my Mom and Juergen's Mom. I am blessed! Juergen even made me a cake!

May 12, 2006

Guess What?

My jury duty has been cancelled! Happy Birthday to me!

May 10, 2006

Swingers Baby, Yeah!

A major task - the relocation of the play structure to a less hazardous area. Daddy brought over his forklift, loaded it up and moved it successfully to the side yard. The kids were thrilled. We went to Home Depot last night to see if we couldn't find some small stones to fill in the bottom and I was AMAZED at the garden stuff they had. Haven't been there in a while I guess. Ah, if I only had a few thousand bucks to spare - oh the damage I could do! I had to laugh at the bin of rocks for sale - $7.00 a rock - Aunt Bonnie, I thought of you! :0)

Invisible fence time. While Jack played with the Air Hog I got him at a yard sale, Wilbur decided to leave my side and toddle off the to the road, proceeded to cross while I desperately stopped traffic in my bare feet - and then like the bad child he is, kept running while I yelled at him to "COME BACK HERE!" Puppies are like men in bars - they can't be trusted.

May 9, 2006

Slight Concussion

So I'm looking for Ellie's lunch kit this morning and in her best Al Pacino voice she walks up to me and says "Say Hello to my little backpack..." No, she's never seen the movie but apparently they parody these things on kid shows.

I feel the need to rant and rave about this David Blaine dude who seemingly has lost his mind and believes he's a stunt man and not a magician. There is a difference! Although I did not watch it, he had a two hour t.v. special last night...two hours to drag out the fact that he was going to try to hold his breath for 9 minutes - which he didn't end up completing. Someone should remind this guy that he is a STREET MAGICIAN. Stick with what you know!

Having this surprise party done and over with is like having a 20 pound weight lifted from my shoulders. I feel so free! There's enough pressure to throw a great party - but even more when someone flies all the way from California for it. Thankfully it was a success. I had the wrong memory card in my camera and was only able to get about 12 shots - I am waiting for pics from another party-goer and will post more when I get 'em.

We are having an absolutely gorgeous week here. A chance for me to get out in my two flowers beds and weed. I would have more flower beds but Juergen somehow has every inch of the outside of this house in some temporary state-of-disaster so I have to wait until he completes his work. That is so frustrating! I bought a lilac tree at a yard sale this weekend (for a buck) and I walked around the perimeter of this house unable to find a place to plant it. Each un-done area hinges on another. The man is driving me insane. So what do I do? I ram-jam my two flower beds and wait patiently. After all, I was told by Jackie that I may be up for Wife-of-the-Year award. I will have to smile pretty and keep my mouth shut. Hah!

I do love the fact that every morning when I wake up and send Wilbur out to do his business, there is something new for me to see in my front flower bed. I added some pretty dirt (yes, there is such a thing) so it would look fresh as a dasiy. (it also hides the weeds nicely) When doing so I forgot we have enormous window boxes directly above and I whacked my head on one when I stood up. And yes, Juergen - it did hurt right away.

May 8, 2006

My Days of Lies and Deceit Are Over....

Well, he was a bit suspicious but it all went off without a hitch! The funniest part of the evening - arriving at the side door when everyone thought we were arriving through the front. We stood there watching everyone looking for us and then I yelled "Surprise!" And when no-one paid attention, a "Helloooooooo!" I think we surprised them more! ;0) Classic though and I wouldn't have changed it. What fun we had - and it wouldn't have been possible without everyone taking the time to come and wish Juergen the best. He was so touched. It was great to have everyone together and the party continued on over here at our house. I was the last one up cleaning the kicthen at 3:30 a.m. In bed by 4:00 a.m. Juergen and I were both up early - he opened all of his presents (hey, I thought I said "Best Wishes Only"?!) and then we went out for brunch with Juergen's college friends from out of town. Just a great weekend filled with wonderful memories. What more could we ask for?

More pics on Flickr...

May 5, 2006

Yard Sale Mania

Ahhh, just look at this... A yard saler's dream! They have finally started in full force. I feel like a treasure hunter when I go out, never knowing what oddity I may end up needing, yes - needing. Like last year, on what is known as my best yard sale day EVER, my first stop in the morning was a house about 2 km's away from me. I cautiously walked up the driveway and this item instantly catches my eye. It can't be - CAN IT??? Yes, I think it is! Oh my - IT IS!!!! The holy grail. A vintage Louis Vuitton garment bag. And it's not a fake. She wanted $50.00 but I got her down to $40.00 (it was my first stop after all - I couldn't blow all my money at the first sale) As soon as I came home I looked it up on ebay and was thrilled at it's monetary worth - $800.00-$1,000.00 USD. THAT is why I LOVE yard saling.

Wilbur proving yet again that everything - even zebras, must be bitten. The world is his chew toy. Since Juergen has been back in town he has been getting up at the magical hour of 4:00 a.m. again. Barking like the world has come to an end and we'd better wake up so we can let him chew on it.

Today is the last day for me to tie up any loose strings regarding Juergen's surprise party. Last night he actually had the GALL - the unmitigated nerve to ask me if I was planning a surprise party for him. I was rather harsh and reminded him that I did last LAST year. (on a smaller scale) L'il bugger. Please let this just come to fruition already!

Juergen is working just up the road from us...I can actually see him from the driveway which is cool. I don't know how he's gonna survive that commute! ;)

Well, seeing I have people coming over tomorrow evening I had better finish cleaning this house. It's crunch time - no more excuses for me. I work best under pressure anyway. Wish me luck!

May 4, 2006

Star Pupil

Puppy Class has officially begun and Wilbur was a natural! He had lots of fun and is a quick learner. All I can say is "Whew!"

I learned today that apparently I make over $134,000 annually as a SAHM. A census was done and the findings were that if SAHM's were actually paid for the work they do - which is usually a 91 hour work week - plus overtime wages - this is the amount we would be financially compensated. Ummm, where do I collect my cheque?

Bad news about the flower girl dress...can I get a collective sigh here? The company that makes the dress went out of business last week. Can you believe that? We haven't given up hope yet and the search is on for a replacement. Ellie's not too upset - she knows this is her opportunity to try on more dresses. A fashion junkie always looking for her next fix.

Well, the surprise party happens in two days! Permission to bitch? (this is where you say out loud to your computer screen "Permission Granted!") You know how when you plan a party there are always people meddling and complaining? Well, I've got me some of those! And might I just be bold enough to say that they're not from my side of the family(!) People concerned about the menu, about the cake, about the's the thing - if you don't like it - don't come! O.K. I feel better now.

May 3, 2006

Big Mistake - BIG!

In what must have been a very large momentary lapse of reason (or just plain insanity) I chopped 4 inches off my hair yesterday. I am now regretting that decision very much. It has come to my attention that women should NEVER, under any circumstances, get their hair cut:
a) while pregnant
b) under stress
(I fall into the latter category)
Now please excuse me while I go find a corner to cry in....

May 1, 2006

Flower Girl Fun

Oh the anticipation - oh the fun! A shopaholic fashionista gets her fix! What a special day for my little girl...a day where she got to try on the prettiest of dresses - it was all about her. And she loved it of course. By the way, the dress shown is not the one we picked out...this is after all, a top-secret operation!