May 28, 2006


While Juergen and I were finishing up outside last night, Wilbur got away from us and went across the street. Juergen went to get him and Wilbur did come but at the very last moment, he turned back towards the road - and got hit by a van. We were mortified. We rushed him into the vet's office and the poor pet almost died from shock. Literally, no joke. He was bleeding from the nose and mouth and his paw was also bleeding badly and pretty banged up. The vet stabilized him, sent us home and told us he'd call in the a.m. I waited patiently for a call this morning and he finally did call at 11:00 a.m. but left me feeling like Wilbur was not out of the woods by any means. So I did what any normal mother would. I hung up, went down there and banged on the door until he let me in. He brought Wilbur to me (he was walking on a leash, but not using the one leg) I felt so much better seeing him.

I got another call from the vet this evening. Wilbur is stable as of 4 p.m. and the swelling in his paw has gone down. Tomorrow they will x-ray him and see if he needs surgery. (perhaps a broken leg)

Ironic footnotes:
-The invisble fence we bought last week is sitting in our livingroom, waiting to be installed
-The driver of the van was a 16 year old boy, just learning how to drive with his Dad beside him
-The room we sat in with Wilbur is the exact room I sat with George when I had to have him put down last August

I feel so guilty about this happening - it should not have happened. I just pray that he will be o.k. and that I will have another chance...


Carol said...

Oh Joy, I'm so sorry! Can't imagine how scary that was! Hope he has a speedy recovery and that your heart starts beating at a normal rate soon!

Jenny said...

I am so sorry for your poor Wilbur!!!

jackie said...

Whats making that doggy pull thru is knowing the Mom and love he has to go home to!

Carol said...

Any news on Wilbur?