May 14, 2006

The Mother of All Hanging Baskets

Well, the picture does not do it justice - this baby is HUGE! It is my Mother's Day present which comes from a greenhouse approx. 45 mins from here. They start making these massive baskets in February so by May they are really big. We went yesterday and 90% of the large baskets were already sold. Apparently the first day they open in April people line up outisde the gate, rush in, pick their basket and then a "sold" sign is put on them until they are picked up. Hundreds of these huge baskets hung from the ceiling with sold signs on them leading me to believe that this may be the lucrative business I have been looking for. Just kidding. My thumb is less than green.

Happy Mother's Day to all fellow mothers out there. We went to church this morning and then went out for brunch and now have plans to visit my Mom and Juergen's Mom. I am blessed! Juergen even made me a cake!

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Jenny said...

Your house looks beautiful!!!!