May 9, 2006

Slight Concussion

So I'm looking for Ellie's lunch kit this morning and in her best Al Pacino voice she walks up to me and says "Say Hello to my little backpack..." No, she's never seen the movie but apparently they parody these things on kid shows.

I feel the need to rant and rave about this David Blaine dude who seemingly has lost his mind and believes he's a stunt man and not a magician. There is a difference! Although I did not watch it, he had a two hour t.v. special last night...two hours to drag out the fact that he was going to try to hold his breath for 9 minutes - which he didn't end up completing. Someone should remind this guy that he is a STREET MAGICIAN. Stick with what you know!

Having this surprise party done and over with is like having a 20 pound weight lifted from my shoulders. I feel so free! There's enough pressure to throw a great party - but even more when someone flies all the way from California for it. Thankfully it was a success. I had the wrong memory card in my camera and was only able to get about 12 shots - I am waiting for pics from another party-goer and will post more when I get 'em.

We are having an absolutely gorgeous week here. A chance for me to get out in my two flowers beds and weed. I would have more flower beds but Juergen somehow has every inch of the outside of this house in some temporary state-of-disaster so I have to wait until he completes his work. That is so frustrating! I bought a lilac tree at a yard sale this weekend (for a buck) and I walked around the perimeter of this house unable to find a place to plant it. Each un-done area hinges on another. The man is driving me insane. So what do I do? I ram-jam my two flower beds and wait patiently. After all, I was told by Jackie that I may be up for Wife-of-the-Year award. I will have to smile pretty and keep my mouth shut. Hah!

I do love the fact that every morning when I wake up and send Wilbur out to do his business, there is something new for me to see in my front flower bed. I added some pretty dirt (yes, there is such a thing) so it would look fresh as a dasiy. (it also hides the weeds nicely) When doing so I forgot we have enormous window boxes directly above and I whacked my head on one when I stood up. And yes, Juergen - it did hurt right away.

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Beth said...

ouch..I hate when that happens!!