May 4, 2006

Star Pupil

Puppy Class has officially begun and Wilbur was a natural! He had lots of fun and is a quick learner. All I can say is "Whew!"

I learned today that apparently I make over $134,000 annually as a SAHM. A census was done and the findings were that if SAHM's were actually paid for the work they do - which is usually a 91 hour work week - plus overtime wages - this is the amount we would be financially compensated. Ummm, where do I collect my cheque?

Bad news about the flower girl dress...can I get a collective sigh here? The company that makes the dress went out of business last week. Can you believe that? We haven't given up hope yet and the search is on for a replacement. Ellie's not too upset - she knows this is her opportunity to try on more dresses. A fashion junkie always looking for her next fix.

Well, the surprise party happens in two days! Permission to bitch? (this is where you say out loud to your computer screen "Permission Granted!") You know how when you plan a party there are always people meddling and complaining? Well, I've got me some of those! And might I just be bold enough to say that they're not from my side of the family(!) People concerned about the menu, about the cake, about the's the thing - if you don't like it - don't come! O.K. I feel better now.


Paul said...

LOL ... I don't remember granting permission for ANYTHING!

but go ahead....feel free!!

they're not from MY side of the family...

but I do need to say that once I found out what kind of CAKE you were having, I am JUST not gonna come !!!

Sharon said...

You MUST be talking about our side of the family...oh but I can't even imagine who it might be!! lol Good thing we love 'em!