May 10, 2006

Swingers Baby, Yeah!

A major task - the relocation of the play structure to a less hazardous area. Daddy brought over his forklift, loaded it up and moved it successfully to the side yard. The kids were thrilled. We went to Home Depot last night to see if we couldn't find some small stones to fill in the bottom and I was AMAZED at the garden stuff they had. Haven't been there in a while I guess. Ah, if I only had a few thousand bucks to spare - oh the damage I could do! I had to laugh at the bin of rocks for sale - $7.00 a rock - Aunt Bonnie, I thought of you! :0)

Invisible fence time. While Jack played with the Air Hog I got him at a yard sale, Wilbur decided to leave my side and toddle off the to the road, proceeded to cross while I desperately stopped traffic in my bare feet - and then like the bad child he is, kept running while I yelled at him to "COME BACK HERE!" Puppies are like men in bars - they can't be trusted.

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