May 26, 2006

Well I Never!

Adding insult to injury...

The men who are doing the stonework here happen to know my older brother Mark. After lunch, one of the men had seen Mark at a fast food place here in town. Later in the afternoon he recounts this story and then asks me, with slight hesitance, "Is Mark your younger brother?" (insert title of blog here) Mark is 41!!! So basically he thinks I look 42?? lol Thanks to Tim and Paul for making me feel better btw. :)

While I was digging through Ellie's school agenda today I come across a "Certificate of Recogntion" from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

It states:

Awarded to the students of Grade 2 for having completed the BABES program. Babes - Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies.

Even though no-one was watching me I think I did a double-take. I can't wait to ask Ellie when she gets home exactly what they taught her. She's in grade TWO! Now I am sure she will cry hysterically if she sees her father or I have a glass of wine. "You're addicted!!!"

I am very excited - all the girls are going out for dinner tonight! There are 5 of us and we haven't been able to be all together for a few months now. (the pic is a few years old) I am soooo looking forward to it. Ellie wants to know why she can't come (I am laughing out loud right now) These poor children - they actually think they should come along on girls night out. Hah! Now I know how my parents felt 30 years ago when half-way to the restaurant they found my sister and I hiding in the backseat of the trusty brown stationwagon. Not impressed. We thought they would love the surprise. Mmmmm, not so much.


melodyunchained said...

Yah, by the way the hiding in the car was your BIG idea and I just followed...isn't that always the way.

mommy kay said...

Joy darling your brother Mark is 43. You're a little off this morning. But don't worry I love you anyway.

Joy said...

Can I get a break here ladies?

JanBan said...

A break? No. Serves you right for getting carded at the LiC-BO (as Michael calls it) when was that? Two summers ago? And the guy in the store thinks you don't look quite 19??

Janet (who is just jealous because she hasn't been carded since the tender age of 16...)

Oh and yeah-- I'm *definitely* looking forward to a nite out with the guls too! Cain't wait!!

jamie said...

seems to me you posted not too long ago about a night out with the girls. but who's counting.

happy birthday, eh.

(and I am not sure I believe your dear sister about the leading/following thing....its always the quiet ones....)

Paul said...

you're right Jamie... ( jeez, that's TWICE this week I've agreed with one of the Bailey boys ! ) ...

anyway.... you're right about the girls going out : here's proof that you're right :

Friday, April 21, 2006


I am beginning to HATE my computer. ( yada yada yada ) Poof!
( edited for content )

So here I sit in my ....yada yada yada ....

" Tonight I am going out for dinner with my gal pals. Looking forward to it - we haven't gotten together in such a long time.

I need to re-fuel my spirit! "

****** Just between you and me Jamie, I think those girls go out way too often.... particularly when the cost of FUEL is so high!

oh least they have a life huh?!

Joy said...

O.K. Paul, you got me! But that dinner didn't have ALL of the girls together - there's a difference!