Jun 26, 2006

All Over But the Cryin'

It's over. The yard sale was a big success and I ended up having it Saturday as well. Got rid of a TON of stuff. Feels good. Even after stating that early birds would be as welcome as a zit on prom day, I had one man walk up my driveway shortly after 6:00 a.m. I just looked at him and said "No way, you've got to come back later, I am so not ready." (plus, I like everyone to get a fair chance) Well he looked at me like I had just killed his mother and then sent him away from the funeral. Totally crushed! I tell him to give me another half hour, he half-heartedly obliges and then comes back a mere 10 minutes later. Why am I going on about this man? After he comes back he spends close to one hour perusing, inspecting and asking what he thinks are pertinent questions about this, that and the other thing I have for sale. After all of this - doesn't buy one single lovin' thing. You just gotta laugh.

It is now 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning and I am letting the kids sleep in. Why the School Board bothers having the kids got to school today and tomorrow I don't know. We all know they're not keeping attendance anymore so what the heck? The kids were exhausted and quite frankly, so am I. I would've slept in too had Wilbur not woken me up. :(

By the way, I took Wilbur's cone off his head on Friday, three days earlier than I was supposed to. I don't know who was happier, me or him. He's loving life and went for his first swim in the pool on Saturday. He gets out of the pool, walks over 20 feet to where I am sitting and proceeds to shake himself off at my feet. Thanks Wilbur.

Weather wise we had an absolute perfect weekend. It was just gorgeous! We had to go to a pig roast and our nephew's new home so that was fun (until the sun went down and the gargantuous mosquitos came out) I have never been to a pig roast before. At one point I glanced over and saw them starting to carve. I almost fell over in my fold-up chair. THAT is a nasty sight. Mental note - don't sit near the pig at the next pig roast. Some things should be eaten and not seen. I got a kick out of my other nephew's girlfriend - she's a "semi-vegetarian". "What's that?" I ask. The answer? She doesn't eat anything with cute faces.

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Michelle Romo said...

LOL Joy!! I Love reading your works of writing! You write with such Style and yet can still make people laugh! That man was so eager to look at your items and yet didn't buy one thing! I cant stand when people go to garage sales looking for PERFECT merchandise,It's like HELLO!!It's a garage sale not Macys! LOL I can relate to your nephew's girlfriend, as I can't eat things with cute faces either! But I'm not semi Vegetarian I am Vegan(no animal products at all.) I am almost positive that If I saw a pig being roasted I would have nightmares for life! ;)