Jun 5, 2006

Blatherings About Nothing

Volleyball update from last week...it had rained the entire day but being the troopers we are, we decided to play anyway. The sand courts had turned into rather large puddles of mud (and I mean large!) The upside was, the mud was warm. The downside? The ball was so heavy and water logged that it might has well of been a bowling ball we were vollying back and forth. Pain ensued. And we lost all 4 games. More pain ensued. Nuff said?

It rained Saturday, but you will be happy to know Paul that I didn't let that stop me from hitting the yard sales! I hit the jackpot with the first sale I stopped at. Well, more of a jackpot for my mother-in-law. I picked up a few beautful antiques for her there. A couple of things I will stash away for her b-day but I found two picture brass picture easels that I KNEW she would love, so I had to give them to her. Now, for those of you who don't know her, my mom-in-law has a thick German accent and she sometimes gets words mixed up. She is also a die-hard yard saler but hadn't gone out that morning due to the rain. When she saw the two easels she exclained "Oh, vvvvowww! Bootiful! I OWN you!" Translation - I owe you. They were a fabulous deal. Identical brass picture easels sell for $60.00 each at a store here in town. I got 2 for $10.00. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?! I also got a water cooler stand (the kind that refrigerates the bottle) for $12.00! And I picked up a box of Krispy Kreme donuts which I wolfed down in about 2 minutes. A very productive Saturday morning, despite the rain. :0)

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FarmgirlCyn said...

I love garage/tag sales! Most of what I own, furniture and clothing, comes from sales or Goodwill! Can't beat the prices!