Jun 1, 2006


Yay! They're here to open the pool...

Ewwwwww! Not so good!

Every year I hope with childlike enthusiasm that the boys will open the pool and the water will be sparkling, crystal clear. This is rather gross. And the stench, down-right nasty. Even still, the kids will be thrilled and now I have to teach Wilbur how to swim. Well, I'm sure he knows how to swim but more importantly, how to get out if he falls in. Because of his cast, Wilbur is unfortunately now a Puppy School drop-out. How sad - he was doing so well!

A few things I have learned this week:

1) Never buy nail polish remover at the Dollar Store
2) Never try to water your hanging plant on a chair with heels on
3) Never pause when answering your kids - they think the pause automatically means a "Yeah, go ahead."
4) Never eat a chocolate bar and a Diet Coke right before bed

It's raining here today so volleyball may be cancelled - I hope not. My competitive spirit is in full force and I seriously worry I may become rather obsessed with winning. Well, I KNOW I will. My bestest (yes, 'bestest' Jamie) friends Janet and Heather have joined the team which my brother has now officially named "Whatever". Shoot for the stars Mikey. :)

If I were "Bewitched" I would wiggle my nose now and my housework would be done. I can wiggle my nose, but sadly nothing happens.

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