Jun 28, 2006

The First Day of Summer Vacation

So here it is. The first day of summer vacation. Wilbur woke me up at 6:50 a.m. - barking and howling as if he were going to explode from the utter excitement of it being Wednesday. I begrudgingly got out of my comfortable bed to let him outside and then fed him. I then quickly snuck back upstairs into said bed and put a pillow directly over my head. In no time he had found me out and began barking incessantly - now right beside me. Knowing that if I did not confine him he would do the same thing to my precious (sleeping) children I closed the door to my bedroom and bathroom so he could not escape. Within 5 minutes he had jumped on Juergen's side of the bed with wet paws, stole the toilet paper from the roll in the bathroom, starting chewing on the toothpaste tube and ruined my idea of falling back asleep on the first day of summer vacation. It's a good thing he's cute I tell ya. If he were an ugly dog I fear what I may do to him.

So the kids want to drag me to the vortex that is Wal-Mart. Ever notice that you can't spend just 2 minutes in that store? I have found myself in completely unnecessary departments - utterly dazed and confused as to why I am staring at fuzzy steering wheel covers. Every year to celebrate the end of the school year they get to pick something out. Something not too expensive. Perhaps another useless pool toy that will have a hole in it by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. But it's the time that they take to pick something out. It is perhaps the biggest decision they will make this summer. They AGONIZE over this. What to choose, what to choose. And if they choose the wrong thing, oh the horror! Therefore Mom, give us the time we need to make this ever-important decision. This is where Wal-Mart should have chairs like the ones outside of dressing rooms. I would be so much happier if I could sit while the kids torture themselves as to what will make their lives complete for today - Wednesday, June 28, 2006.

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