Jun 7, 2006

The Food Network

I continue to watch the Food Network as though I may learn something through osmosis. Don't great me wrong, I love to cook but I truly enjoy watching someone else do the cooking. And why not? My kitchen doesn't get dirty and there are no dishes to be done. The only nagging problem is I am left hungry after watching.

If I could, I think I would kidnap Kylie Kwong and keep her here forever. That girl can make some serious Chinese and Thai food. If Smell-O-Vision is ever invented, that is the first show I will watch.

Giada DeLaurentis of 'Every Italian' is just the cutest, perkiest thing out there. Ellie and I love (and laugh) when after every sentence, she looks directly into the camera and flashes her trademark smile. You know, the "I'm pretty, I'm famous, I have a gorgeous kitchen, my own t.v. show, and I'm RICCCHHHH!" smile. She can't help it - she is! She's a doll and we love her.

And then there's Nigella Lawson of 'Nigella Bites'. Forget about the food, this woman's voice has the ability to calm me like nothing else. I don't care what she's making - she's from England so sometimes it's something disgusting like haggis - but I don't care! She does it with grace and an earthiness that lures you in. Afterwards you don't know exactly what you've learned, only that you feel much more relaxed from having done so.

Jamie Oliver is an insane man who takes the art of loving food to a whole 'nother level. Food is this man's life and he isn't afraid to say it, darling lisp and all. His enthusiasm is wondrous and I wish I could bottle it and sell it.

Oh, I cannot forget Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa! I feel this woman and I could be fast friends. Her take on comfort food is brilliant. HUGE coconut cupcakes - I mean, come on!! I have all of her recipe books and utilize them continually. Her cooking show demystifies rack of lamb, prime rib roasts and she cooks a mean roasted chicken. I feel like I'm pulling a stool up to her counter while she cooks. And she loves the word 'fabulous'. What more could you ask for?

After an afternoon full of watching these favourite shows, I will invariably indulge in a rather large bowl of cereal instead of creating the masterpieces I see on t.v. Who keeps fresh lemon grass in their fridge, anyway?


Jenny said...

I'm the same way. Smell-a vision wouldn't be great. I'm on a serious diet and can only imagine problems arising from smells that came out of the TV!! Yikes...

berriehead said...

I'm quite addicted to Anthony Bordain ever watch him??? Not only does he cook but he travels the world trying the native fare quite intersting what he gets himself into! I also get quite hungry whenever I watch Jamie Oliver cooking something for his friends! & then like you, I settle for a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, or a bowl of cereal!

FarmgirlCyn said...

I found you thru Homemakerang's blog, and as soon as i saw your blog on The Food Network, I knew i had found a kindred spirit! I LOVE the Food channel!!! I do occasionally try some of the recipes. HOW DOES GIADA STAY SO DARN SKINNY??? My hubby says the only food she eats all day is the few bites she takes on the show!!! And you are so right about the Contessa.....FABULOUS!!!! Unfortunately, I don't get Nigella anymore. She is not on the Food Network, and our satellite dish doesn't get Style or whatever channel she is on.
Love your blog.

Berry said...

Ifyou like Jaimie, you need to check out his new program over on TLC called "Jaimie Oliver's School Lunch"... All about him trying to re-do the British school lunch program. WOW.

See ya over in RossChat!