Jun 20, 2006

Got Plants?

Greenhouses are to me, like casinos are to a gambling junkie. I can't resist going in. Just ONE MORE plant! Just one more perennial to make me smile next Spring when I have forgotten what exactly I planted. I transplanted a peony plant two years ago and since then I STILL think it is going to produce pink flowers. It doesn't. They're white with pink trim.

I love this time of year. I painstakingly water my hanging baskets and pots, eager to see them grow everyday. Something snaps in me though in late September. I don't water them with the same joy and awe - it's more of a "Damn! I have to go WATER THE PLANTS AGAIN!" A chore. Another thing I have to get done in a day. "Ahhh...just hurry up and die - winter's coming anyway..."

So for now I will enjoy the love affair in it's fresh, new stage. I will eagerly get out there in the morning, happy to see every new leaf and bloom - soaking it all in. At night I will water and tend and just enjoy the sights and smells. I will Miracle Grow these babies until they look like they're on steroids, and then realize again that you CAN Miracle Grow too much. (last year I fed them M.G. every day. I didn't know!) I will diligently protect my beds from pesky weeds, trying not to succumb to the lure of bark. (not that there's anything wrong with that) I will trim, pluck and mist until that fateful day in late September when the love affair is somehow inexplicably over.

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FarmgirlCyn said...

Been there, done that. As lovely as it might seem to live in a climate with perpetual sunshine and warm days, I don't think I could keep up with a garden! Too much responsibility over too long a period of time! Give me my 4 seasons here in the midwest, when Christmas LOOKS like a Christmas card, and summers end in a fiery mass of rust colored leaves.