Jun 16, 2006

Housework Sucks!

There. I've said it.

I don't know if it's because the weather has been so nice but I am beginning to wonder whether I am just plain lazy or 'domestically challenged'. Housework is the bain of my existence. Do you ever have those days where you stare at an unmade bed and think - "Ahh, who cares, I'll just be getting back into it in another 14 hours or so." Or, "Why bother cleaning the floor when the dog is just going to come in with his muddy paws and dirty it anyway?" I was patting myself on the back two days ago for getting all of the laundry done - now I am right back where I started, laundry hamper full of clothes that the kids insist are dirty because they are too lazy to fold them and put them back in the drawer. They wear pj's for ONE night and then throw them in the hamper. I ask you, how dirty can your pj's get from sleeping in a bed on "fresh sheet" night? I digress...

I know there are very organized women out there who do their cleaning on a specific day of the week. Whoever you are, I salute you. The Gemini in me will not let me focus on one task for too long. So where I might start cleaning the bathroom, approx 2.5 minutes later you will find me upstairs, wandering through the hallway thinking "Why did I come up here?..." I like to refer to it as "Short Attention Span Theatre".

Even when I clean the house, I know it's not as clean as it COULD be. You see, I am one of those people who occasionally like to do a 10-second tidy. Now, in a 10-second tidy you hide/stuff things away in drawers, cubbies, closets. So it looks clean on the outside to the unsuspecting and unaware visitor. However, only you know that if that closet gets opened, things will come FLYING out of it at break-neck speed. It's cheating. The job is done, but not really. And it will haunt you everytime you walk by.

There is so much junk around this house that I really need to do another clean sweep. I'd love to have a gigantic yard sale, but if I have a yard sale on Saturday that means I can't GO to yard sales on Saturday. And should I really be yard saling if I have just stated that I already have too much junk?

Oh, the conundrum.


Goldwings said...

Great blog - you hit the nail right on the head!

And what about dusting? You just finish it and it's time to start again!

I think you should go outside in the fresh air and sunshine and enjoy your new pond with your adorable puppy! Housework can wait for a rainy day!

Have a nice weekend!

Carol said...

gDusting? What's that --- isn't that when you put icing sugar on warm brownies?!!?!?

Joy - I've been having the EXACT same thoughts lately.. NO desire to keep on top of the housework!!! My husband is wondering if I'll ever get the laundry out of the back hallway!!!! I need another room for my laundry piles! My solution..... MORE BASKETS!!! HAHA!
Have a great week-end - Shop wisely!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Phyllis Diller once said she keeps "Get Well" cards in a handy drawer, and when anyone unexpectedly drops by, she quickly gets them out and scatters them on the mantle! I say: "Go Phyllis"!

Paul said...

well for starters..... from a male perspective, there should not be a conundrum... cause men can't SPELL that ...

Second.... Dusting SCHMUSTING.... I refuse to dust, cause when I take all the little trinkets off the shelves, and dust... I never know exactly where to put the stuff back again... leaving it undusted keeps the nice little "clean" outline of the trinket... so that if something gets moved, I know EXACTLY where to put it back!

Third and finally..... Garage Sales are one of God's Gifts to mankind .... don't run the risk of disappointing Him by NOT going lol!

Besides...on ANY given Monday, you can go out and rent a space to store your garage sale treasures...but you can't go to a garage sale on a Monday now CAN you??

see? no question in your mind NOW is there!!!