Jun 2, 2006

The Magic of Butterflies

For many years now I have this thing where when I see a butterfly I think it is my Grandmother coming to greet me. She died 13 years ago in March and for 13 years every time I see a butterfly I smile. Since losing my brother Vic 1 ½ years ago I have extended the butterfly theory to include him. Last year while sitting in the backyard two butterflies came up to me, danced and twirled in the summer breeze – seemingly putting on a show just for me. The one butterfly stayed on after the first one left and hovered near me for quite some time.

I was so anxious to see my first butterfly this Spring. Well, I saw it last week. I was standing in the driveway talking to the guys doing the masonry work and it flitted near my head for a good 2 minutes. I just stood there, not moving, smiling at the sight.

There are many butterflies around the house this year…I think the most I’ve ever seen to date. Today while I was taking Wilbur outside, again a pretty Monarch put on a great show for me – making me smile by staying so close and simulating a plane coming in for a landing over and over again. Vic loved to fly. The kids yelled in unison “There’s Uncle Vic!”

It’s funny how something can make you hopeful and sad at the same time.

My dear sister-in-law Sharon gave me a wonderful flip-book called “Angel By Your Side – Thoughts for Each Day”. I read it when I came inside and today’s message reads:

“Angels fly, wings or not. It’s heaven’s power that lifts them.”


Paul said...

awww.... that made me cry!

I will be praying for you! that God will flood your heart with peace and joy!

By the way, Dad and I are going garage sale hopping tomorrow in Belleville... every time I see a garage sale, I think of you.... Isn't it precious to know you're being thought of, when I see other people's junk ??!!

have a fun Friday!***paul

Anonymous said...

I was sent this little poem about butterflies and I thought that I'd share it with you. Hope you like it.

Butterfly Dreams

I dreamt a dream of butterflies
That flittered and fluttered
And filled the blue skies
I tell you, my friend,
It was a sight for sore eyes!
Just then I noticed
One stood out from the rest;
This one little butterfly
Had me completely impressed!

It did flips and tricks,
And what seemed to be
A little butterfly show-
Just especially for me!

I knew it was special,
Right from the start!
I knew that it cared,
I knew it had heart!!
Tears of joy I began to cry,
For I knew something else
'Bout this sweet butterfly
...For what it showed me
Was a love stong and true
..What it showed me, my dear,
Was my relationship with YOU!

Author unknown

Joy said...

Thank-you anonymous - I love the poem, it is so fitting.

Thanks for sharing it :)

Goldwings said...

Glad you liked it. I thought of your posting as soon as I read it.

berriehead said...

This is a beaUtiful post! & that poem* I do believe ! I've got quite a KITE story that I will share someday maybe soon...may those butterflies visit you a LOT this summer!