Jun 30, 2006

Mornings and Me - We SO Don't Get Along...oh, and Star Jones

O.K. I am NOT a morning person. I have tried. I really have. I am grumpy, crabby and TIRED when I get up. It doesn't matter how long I sleep, I still don't like getting out of my comfy bed. I woke up this morning (or shall I say WAS woken by Wilbur's incessant barking) feeling like my body was 87 years old. I am stiff, my back is killin' me and my fingers are so swollen that they look like battered catcher's gloves. I have a touch of arthritis and for some reason it has attacked my fingers again - so badly that I cannot bend my index fingers until approximately noon. The only thing I look forward to is hooking up my i.v. of Tim Horton's coffee to jump start my engine.

And now for something completely different:

Well, I had to laugh flipping through the channels last night. Star Jones was on Larry King Live - is this story news worthy to be on LKL? Anyone who knows of Star Jones knows what kind of gal she is. She's strong-willed! No-one is going to tell her what to do! Well on Larry King Live she spoke with such a soft tone and with a smile so tight that I worried her face would crack under the pressure. It seemed as though by speaking this way she could better explain to the American public (yes, you Jamie) that she had been wronged in a very BIG way and that SHE had absolutely nothing to do with it. ABC - watch out!

So, I'm on my 3rd day of summer vacation with the kids. They want to stay up late every night which basically gives me 1 hour of alone time. Nooooooooo! In order to re-charge this old battalax of a body (and mind) I need more time than that to myself. That's just the kinda girl I am. But they seem to think that getting up at 8:00 a.m. and going to bed at 10:30 p.m. is their natural born right. And these kids can go full throttle ALL DAY LONG and still not be as tired as I am at the end of the day.

I will - some day - figure out how to harness and bottle this energy and then sell it to make gazillions of dollars. (insert evil laugh *here*)


kovacsolt said...

Lovely family you have !

Kind regards from The Hungary.

Michelle said...

I am actually a Morning person myself, as long as I can get to bed at a decent time.;)I have to be because my 4 year old always wakes up at 7:00am sharp! LOL!I can't stand Star Jones,she just seems like such a B----! I Love Rosie O Donnel though and I think she Is Hilarious,Honest,and down to earth(unlike Star Jones!)I also agree with most of Rosie's Views,as I am Liberal as well. I think she will attract a larger audience then Star did on the View. I know I will Tivo It In September when Rosie joins...;)

Paul said...

I'm like you... i am NOT a morning person ( MOURNING maybe ).... I figured out how to get some additional sleep when my kids come to visit.... I gave them each a bedroom on the top floor of the town house adn I sleep in the basement... oh, and we don't have a DOG!.....

Happy Canada Day Joy!