Jun 11, 2006

The Pond Man Cometh

In a continued effort to beautify what has become known as our Sanford and Son backyard, we have hired the "Pond Man" to install, or shall I say, create a pondless waterfall adjacent to our pool. It's a waterfall, but with no pond. Therefore, no pond worries. The man is known for his ponds, but does these waterfalls for people who can't stand the work of having a pond. That would be us. Even though I have seen pictures of this man's work I still find it hard to comprehend how he will create this waterfall out of nowhere. Of course I will document this event though pictures so we can find out together.


Jenny said...

Okay I must say I am a little, wee bit jealous!! Here I was excited that we just bought a sprinkler...I can't even imagine a pool and a pond!!

Sharon said...

Wow that's going to be gorgeous Joy. Can't wait to see the end resultls. You're going to have quite the backyard!